Friday, May 21, 2010


After William J. Healy, II was elected mayor of Canton in November, 2007, it came to light that he got significant contributions from out-of-town.

And not just from anybody.  Two of notable contributors were Jimmy Dimora (a Cuyhoga County commissioner) and Frank Russo (Cuyahoga County's auditor) were two names that stood out in post election campaign finance reports. 

The question is this:  Why would Cleveland, Cincinnati, Columbus and Akron area folks be bolstering a Canton Democrat?

For good government?  

Apparently, they have lost their political affection for Canton's mayor as Dimora and Russo do not appear as contributors in a TeamHealy campaign finance report filed in January 29, 2010.

However, plenty of out-of-towners still do.

The out-of-towners outnumber Stark Countians by a count of 41to 28.  Moreover, by SCPR calculations the out-of-towners contributed 54% ($8,530 of the $15,780)  of the contributions reported on the January 29th filing.

Dimora and Russo did not contribute during 2009 according to Healy's 2009 annual report.

You can bet that Councilman-at-Large William Smuckler with be analyzing Healy's campaign finance reports with a fine toothed comb between now and the May, 2011 primary.  The Report expects Smuckler to run against Healy next year in a rematch of the 2003 primary when the two went up against each other with Smuckler winning.

One would think that one of the Smuckler campaign strategies will to be bring into question whether Healy really has his heart in Canton.

Here is a compilation of the Healy 2009 out-of-town contributors for 2009:

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Dave S. said...

Did you also notice that the ones you highlighted in yellow are all from one of two addresses. Either, 1375 E. Ninth St. Cleveland or 222 South Main St. Akron.