Friday, December 31, 2010


Councilman Phil Davison of Minerva, Ohio was absolutely stunning with his presentation at Wednesday evening's Stark County Republican Party's executive committee meeting to select a nominee to run for Stark County treasurer to replace Stark County commissioner deposed treasurer Gary D. Zeigler.

Commissioners forced Zeigler out of office under the authority of Ohio Revised Code Section 321.38 because of the loss some $2.96 million of county money under his watch as county treasurer.  Former Chief Deputy Vince Frustaci has admitted to stealing of $2.46 million of the missing money. The remaining money has not been accounted for.  Zeigler has had a civil suit filed against him by the county commissioners to recover the missing money from him on a legal theory of personal liability.   Zeigler is contesting the suit.

Davison rocked the assembly at The Johnson Center of Malone University located in Canton, Ohio with his "hellfire and brimstone" political presentation the likes of which few politically involved citizens have ever seen.

It could be that earlier in American history, the Davison-esque style was not all that uncommon.  But in 2010, it certainly is.

While Davison did not get the nomination (North Canton Finance Director Alex Zumbar did), he certainly "stole the show!"
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Brent said...

he is a complete moron and needs to revisit his communications class

BD said...

Oh my! He needs to tone it down. One doesn't start out hysterical, but builds up to it. The guy wore me out. Or use notes. But, boy, that is fun to listen to. Rhodes Gregory was a great local orator/politician, but was also the Harold Stassen of Stark County politics.

KC McLean said...

He is brilliant! Everyone could take a note on his passion and focus. He would have had my vote.

Set your sites higher, Mr. Davison!