Monday, December 13, 2010


There may be "light at the end of the tunnel" for Stark County dog lovers.

For years they have had to abide the Stark County commissioners' inability to get a person in charge and in place at the Stark County Dog Pound (SCDP - Pound) to ensure that the animals, volunteers and general public are properly treated.

Have the commissioners succeeded with Reagan Tetreault whom they (Bosley, Ferguson and Meeks) appointed in July, 2010 as dog warden?

It is clearly too early to tell.  However, the Stark County commissioners need to institute a timetable by which to determine whether or not Tetreault has made enough progress - in the judgment of the commissioners - to merit staying beyond July, 2011.

The commissioners will be fully engaged in the budgetary problems of Stark County over the next several years.  But there are other matters for them to attend to.  And "getting a grip" on the historical problems at the Pound should be a top priority.

On Wednesday last, the commissioners approved Warden Tetreault taking disciplinary action on SCDP employee Vince Williams as outlined in the graphic below (which is extracted in parts from the full document):

A number of Stark Countians believe that incidents which have been occurring at the Pound for at least several years are owing to the strength of the union (Local 94 - Teamsters).  Democrats have controlled the commissioners' office in recent years and the thinking is that because Democrats are beholden to unions for campaign financing and providing campaign workers that they are in a weakened position in dealing with unions.

If the "strength of the unions" argument had an validity in bygone days, it likely is largely diminished with the election of Tom Bernabei (a Democrat) and Janet Creighton (a Republican) last month.  Bernabei does have a strong relationship with unions, but is a person of great moral strength who has no problem whatsoever in telling his political friends to "get off" on matters of public administration and policy.

Janet Creighton, the SCPR is learning, is a very blunt person and is highly likely to be a "no-nonsense" commissioner.

There could not be tougher times to be Stark County commissioner, but The Report is confident that they will have problems like the Pound problems under control before July, 2011 comes around.

Here is a video of commissioners approving the resolution referenced above as well of Tetreault talking about her progress on getting the SCDP under control.

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