Monday, October 10, 2011


Yesterday, the SCPR received a campaign email from the "We Are Ohio" folks who are asking Ohioans to repeal Senate Bill 5 (the collective bargaining reform bill) passed by the Ohio General Assembly several months ago.

Yours truly always signs up for both sides of a given issue for them to send the materials to the SCPR that they send to their partisans so as to keep in touch with what the political propaganda is.

This particular email was one of the stupidest pieces of campaign appeals yours truly has ever seen. 

How's that?

The writer (who says he is a volunteer for "We Are Ohio" (the SCPR is highly skeptical of that assertion; certainly one who appears this stupid ought to be paid for acting stupid) is trying to sell recipients on the notion that Issue 2 campaign signs are in short supply and that the only way they can guarantee getting a sign is to make a $25 campaign contribution.

Here is some of the actual text from the email:
Yard signs are in short supply, and we have been saving them for the volunteers who come out and make phone calls and knock on doors to spread the word about how Senate Bill 5, now Issue 2 on the ballot, is unsafe, unfair, and hurts us all.
Our last yard sign order is already with our print shop, but I called them on Friday, and they assured me that I can add to our last order for a few more days. That's why I'm excited to tell you about a very special promotion: Yard Sign Sunday.

If you contribute $25 or more to the campaign through the links below, we will not only GUARANTEE you receive one of the very limited number of yard signs we have remaining, but we'll also ship the sign directly to your door.
Undoubtedly, some die-hard supporters will play the game and ante up $25.  But probably very few.  And certainly those who do will not being doing so because they truly believe yard signs are in short supply.

You can bet your bottom dollar that when the campaign gets down to its final phase, the "We Are Ohio" folks will be begging people to take "free" signs and find a roadside home for them!

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