Friday, October 14, 2011


To the casual observer, Mayor William J. Healy, II is one cool customer.  He appears to be urbane, sophisticated, suave and in control of himself.

But appearances can be, and, (from a number of reports that the SCPR has received over nearly four years of existence), - and The Report's own observations - are deceiving in the case of this mayor of Ohio's eighth largest city.

One would think that Healy would get it after awhile that he is garnering more and more of a reputation for being like a screaming two year old who wants his Maypo cereal when he wants his Maypo cereal.

Recently, some of Canton's firefighters (who, by-the-way, have endorsed Healy's opponent A.R. "Chip" Conde for mayor in next month's election) alleged that Healy threw a fit and threatened the local organization Coming Together with financial sanctions (i.e. to charge for certain city services in putting on a 9/11 memorial event at the McKinley monument.  Healy denies the charges.

The latest Healy intemperate flap comes in the aftermath of the Neighborhood Associates Votes Empower (NAVE) candidates night this past Monday.  

The SCPR is told that Healy was incensed at not being allowed by NAVE to have the last word in his back and forth (not really a debate) with Republican challenger Conde.

For Healy to throw a fit like that at NAVE is simply unbelievable at this stage in his political/governmental career and yet The Report finds the report of the NAVE outburst highly credible.


Yes, by all accounts Healy is going to win the November 8th election easily.  Republicans are telling the SCPR that it is clear that Healy is going to win.

So one would think that Healy knowing that the election is pretty much in the bag would use the occasion to put in doubt those who claim that Healy is a "my way or the highway" sort of guy.

The NAVE event should have been "icing on his political cake" and should have be used as the perfect place for Healy to be magnanimous  and begin a process of rolling back his reputation of a fit-throwing-esque public official.

That's why the SCPR finds it unbelievable that Healy could not get a handle on himself.

But he didn't

The Report is beginning to wonder: Why don't his friends and followers take Healy aside and jawbone him into growing up into a more statesman like public figure who uses his innate abilities to wow those business/commercial/industrial interests who are are considering Canton for expansion and/or as a site for new enterprise?

The Report gets the impression that Healy can be quite servile (e.g. desperately - for the economic benefit of Canton -  needed business/commercial/industrial types) when dealing with those of over whom he perceives he has no control.  

While Healy should pursue jobs for Canton, he should not do so and "give the farm away."   

Yours truly has this gnawing feeling that he and his administration is so consumed with making up for lost time (i.e. early on internal administration fights with the likes of former Services Director/Chief of Staff Tom Bernabei and others) that they may be making deals for Canton that may come back - in increasing numbers - to haunt the city.

What Canton needs is not an arrogant mayor, nor a servile mayor, depending on the circumstances he finds himself in.

On this score Republican A.R. "Chip" Conde is markedly advanced over Healy.  Conde is the quintessential mature politician/governor.  He can be trusted to treat those with whom he may be at a power advantage with respect and dignity.  Moreover, he can be trusted to use the long term Canton/Stark perspectives/interests in dealing with those who could provide a sorely needed resurgence of jobs for Canton.

While the SCPR agrees with those who think Conde cannot win on November 8th, the Canton community should be grateful to him for joining the contest for he has brought a grace and a maturity about him to the race that Mayor William J. Healy, II can personally profit from.

The SCPR will continue to monitor Healy on a political maturity scale of 1 to 10 with 10 being fully mature.

Right now The Report sees Healy being at about a 3.

If those around Healy have the interests of Canton/Stark County at heart, they will join the SCPR in nudging Healy into getting to an 8, 9 or 10 on the political maturity scale.

A more mature Healy could be a major asset for Canton in her drive to reassume her former greatness as a vibrant community!

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BD said...

I cannot believe this incompetent mope is going to win in November. Words fail me. Chip is so far superior...