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UPDATE:  6:00 PM

Plain Township Trustee Louis Giavasis (a potential opponent to Hagan in 2012) who has been, perhaps, Stark County's foremost government official expressing concern of the possible environmental risks that fracking may visit on Stark Countians has the following response to Hagan's calling of a meeting on the fracking issue (11/15/2011), having not invited him or any other local government official who might want to ask questions of the panel being assembled.

Apparently, Giavasis does not get it. 

First, he is a Democrat and Hagan appears only to represent only the Republican point of view and deal with other compliant government officials, and

Second, he does not share her point of view that fracking is a safe process.

Here is the Giavasis email to The Report:

UPDATE:  3:00 PM

To show oil and gas industry political contributions to some of the politicians who were originally included in this blog.  (source of data:  Akron Beacon Journal article by Bob Downing - Watchdog totals contributions from oil industry to local lawmakers, November 10, 2011)

UPDATE:  12:45 PM

RESPONSE FROM PAT DeLUCA - Q92 "THE DeLUCA IN THE MORNING SHOW"  (Note:  state Rep. Ron Amstutz a Hagan confidant got $31,100 from the oil & gas industry from 2001 - 2010 according to an ABJ report).


50th district state Rep. Christina Hagan (R - Marlboro) shilling the party line?

Take a look at this video that the SCPR pulled down from YouTube:

We all know how "over the top" Governor John Kasich ($213,519 - 2001 thru 2010 campaign contributions) from/for the oil and gas industry is on the prospects that fracking for natural gas in certain (Marcellus and Utica shale) subsurface rock formations will solve all of Ohio's financial/economic problems.

Ohio is sooooooo! desperate for something -  anything - to help him and his political party deliver on their 2010 campaign promises of solving the jobs for Ohio dilemma  that they have latched onto "fracking" as the holy grail of their political salvation.

Ohioans and Stark Countians should be very wary of the "too good to be true" factor that seems to envelop the Kasich "hope and a prayer."   This is exactly the kind of stuff from which people often get the shafting of their lives.

For Hagan, if Kasich is for it; if Batchelder (Republican Speaker of the Ohio House:  $71,195 and the Ohio House Republican Organizing Committee $95,500) is for it; then Christina is for it - signed, sealed and delivered!

The SCPR cannot image that there is any politician in Ohio who is more of a "political" suck-up than Ms. Hagan.

She thought it was wonderful that Stark County got split up into three congressional districts and saw not a flaw in Senate Bill 5 (roundly defeated by all Ohioans as Issue 2 on Tuesday's ballot).

Typical stuff for someone who is in the throes of proving day after day after day that she does not belong in the Ohio Legislature.

One of Ms. Hagan's constituents poses (in a email received by The Report) this question in response to her video statement:
And did I hear Ms. Hagan somehow  mention "stewardship of the earth and Christianity" in the same breathe with the Utica Shale drilling/ jobs?!  Could she please elaborate further on HOW she reconciles these issues?  
Forget it!

There is no way that Ms. Hagan has the intellectual heft (trying to be kind) to go into the deep reaches of religious and philosophical moral considerations of the consequences of her actions. 

The Report's take on her "moral talk?  It's a political tool she uses to dissemble hearers as to what is really in her heart.

Another e-mail commenter on Hagan's video cameo:

She actually “crashed” NEOGAP’s presentation to the Ohio Township Association and stated all the industry’s claims about drilling and jobs. She really doesn’t have a clue…when I spoke with her afterward. She’s just memorized their talking points.
And in an obviously sacastic vein: 
I’m glad that as a “Christian” she’s going to take care of the resources we have in the state.
State Representative Christina Hagan is "of the Republican Party, for the Republican Party, by the Republican Party," through and through, talking point by talking point.

She is the type of political figure that everyday folks are increasingly rebelling against with each passing day.

It would be terrific if Stark County had a legislator who has the moral stamina and mental power to weigh the stewardship factor against the profit factor and determine whether or not authentic stewardship compels or even suggests any kind of a check and balance on the Kasich administration's evangelical-esque zeal for fracking.

There has to be a middle ground solution to the need for jobs and concomitant corporate profits that accounts for the multiple environmental concerns held by many citizens.

Christina Hagan is not - in any way, shape or form - a person who can get to a reasonable and responsible position.

She is, the SCPR thinks, a veritable female Charlie McCarthy with the Ohio Republican Party chairman Kevin DeWine, Governor John Kasich and Speaker of the House Billy Batchelder playing the role of the ventriloquist.

Interesting, no?

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