Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Late yesterday the leaders of Ohio's urban areas sent a letter to Ohio GOP Chairman to step down immediately and not wait 10 months.

DeWine in a small concession to Republican Ohio Governor John Kasich as promised to run for re-election in 10 months as the chairman of Ohio's Republican Party.

Kasich came out months ago saying he wanted DeWine out and someone more to his liking in.

The Ohio Tea Party has taken up Kasich's cause and ran candidates in opposition to perceived DeWine supporters who were running for state central committeeman/woman back on March 6th in the primary election. 

DeWine antagonized the Tea Party by pushing through a rule change at the state party which requires elected central committee persons to have voted Republican in the last two successive GOP primaries in order to be eligible to vote in a party chairman election contest.

However, it is hard to figure out why the Tea Party ran an opponent (Beth A. Williams) to long time Stark GOP stalwart Sarah Brown of Alliance (wife of Stark County Court of Common Please Judge Charles E. Brown, Jr.).
Pre-election, Brown told the SCPR that she is wholeheartedly in support of the Governor.

Had Williams won, she would not have been eligible to participate in a chairman election event.  But as predicted by The Report that did not happen.  Brown won by a landslide.

A mystery about the letter sent out yesterday (a copy of which is included below) is why Stark County GOP Chairman Jeff Matthews was not included.  Stark County is Ohio's 8th largest urban area.

The SCPR has attempted to contact Matthews by e-mail and will publish his response via update should he choose to respond.

The letter:

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