Monday, November 11, 2013


As a veteran myself (USAF - 1960/64), and the father of two current members of the United States military,

it is incumbent on me to set aside today's blog to honor those who have served America's role in the world as the strongest and free-est nation that the world has ever known.

America has been threatened throughout her history by those who would make us subservient.

As I write, terrorists are besieging Americans across the globe in a quest to bring the citadel of democratic-republicanism to her knees.

So I am pleased to have been a part of "being on the front lines" (I served in Korea, 1963-64) in the fight to keep us a free people.

And I proud to be the father of two United States Air Force officers. One of whom has served in Bosnia in the 1990s when that conflagration was at its zenith.

So the Stark County Political Report today honors America's heroes many of whom gave "the last full measure" to make us the free, strong nation we are today.

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