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There may come a day that Massillon's George T. Maier will will see his troubled quest to become the legal sheriff of Stark County vindicated.

But right now things are not looking so rosy for him.  Nor was it when he appeared before the Stark County

That was the SCPR's point when The Report asked Maier way back on February 11th whether he was going to be in the sheriff's officer "for the long term" or "for the short term."

It was rather obvious to all but the obstinate, that it was going to be for short term.

Today, Sheriff Tim Swanson's attorney (Greg Beck) is reported to be set to file a Writ of Prohibition with the Ohio Supreme Court asking Ohio's "court of last resort" to follow up its November 6, 2013 decision ousting him "as a usurper" from the Stark County sheriff's office.

Follow up?


Swanson wants the supreme justices to prohibit Maier from being one of the candidates when the Stark County Democratic Party Central Committee (SCDPCC) meets on December 11th at the Holy Trinity Orthodox Church in Canton to determine a second time (the first being its illegal Maier appointment of February 5, 2013) whom they should appoint to be Stark County sheriff.

November, 2012 sheriff-elect Mike McDonald was not able to take office on January 7, 2013 because of an illness which ultimately cost him his life on February 22, 2013.

But the writ of prohibition is not all the legal problems that Maier is likely worrying about these days.

Swanson says he is continuing his inquiry with the Stark County prosecutor as to whether or not Maier should be charged with a crime for representing to Stark Countians that he was qualified to be sheriff.

The SCPR daresays that Swanson is likely "way out there somewhere" on his pursuit on the inquiry.

No prosecutor anywhere in America is going to come to a conclusion that there is "probable cause" that George T. Maier committed a crime in pursuing the Democratic Party appointment.

However, there is a looming legal problem that - in the opinion of The Report - is NOT "way out there somewhere "in the land of legal accountability."

About a week ago the SCPR published local attorney and civic activist Crag T. Conley's "letter of demand" to the Stark County prosecutor that he pursue George T. Maier on various and sundry remunerations he received and expenditures he made from Stark County taxpayer funds during the time he functioned as sheriff of the county but without (according to the Ohio Supreme Court) legal status to do so.

Today, the SCPR published Stark County Prosecutor John Ferrero's letter to Stark County's commissioners wherein he asks them to join him under Ohio Revised Code Section 305.14 to appoint "a special prosecutor" to consider  "the legal merit" of Conley's demand.
 305.14 Employment of legal counsel.

(A) The court of common pleas, upon the application of the prosecuting attorney and the board of county commissioners, may authorize the board to employ legal counsel to assist the prosecuting attorney, the board, or any other county officer in any matter of public business coming before such board or officer, and in the prosecution or defense of any action or proceeding in which such board or officer is a party or has an interest, in its official capacity.

It might appear that the commissioners (they "really" liked Maier's performance as "pretender sheriff") will reject Ferrero's entreaty.

Such a prospect should be of little solace to George T. Maier.

For the SCPR is told by Conley that he will pursue the matter as a Stark County taxpayer if the commissioners opt out.

However, he will not be doing it for "free," as he has done in the recent past, to wit:
  • in what Conley calls "Zeiglergate," and 
  • on Judge Forchione's (Stark County Court of Common Pleas) redirecting criminal case fine money and therefore Stark County taxpayer money to a charity
Moreover, he hopes that Ferrero/the commissioners elect not to proceed on his demand and/or they do and the "special prosecutor" declines to proceed against Maier.

In either event, he says he will go after Maier on a civil suit basis.

Anyone who has gone up against Conley in the legal arena knows that this guy is a load.

In terms of tenaciousness and determinedness, the SCPR believes that Craig T. Conley stands at the top of Stark County's legal community.

Moreover, he writes excellent briefs and has high grade oral argument skills.

Maier may wish for the commissioners and the prosecutor to decline to appoint a special prosecutor.

Maier may wish for a special prosecutor to decline to pursue him civilly.

In the estimate of the SCPR, IF HE DOES, he does not know what a terrible mistake his wishes may turn out to have been.

Does George T. Maier  really want to face-off against Craig T.  Conley?

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