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Today, the SCPR picks up the YouTube video file of the Cleveland City Club which presents "the one and only" debate between the candidates for any of the statewide offices.

The Report commends Republican state auditor David Yost for being willing to debate Libertarian Bob Bridges and Democrat John Carney.

By all reports, Yost, as the incumbent, has a comfortable lead over his two opponents.

But Yost distinguishes himself over fellow Republicans John Kasich (governor), Mike DeWine (attorney general), Ted Husted (secretary of state) and Josh Mandel (treasurer) as being "democracy friendly" and is willing to risk that he might make a politically damaging gaffe in the Cleveland City Club debate and thereby put his reelection in jeopardy.

Obviously, Kasich, DeWine, Husted and Mandel are putting their personal political interests ahead of the voting public's right to become better informed voters by seeing them side-by-side with their Democratic opponents answering the same question.

Shame on Kasich, DeWine, Husted and Mandel.

We know, of course, they are not Democrats, BUT with their refusal to debate for the benefit of the voting public, we have to question their commitment to democratic values.

While the SCPR does not support Stark Countians voting against Kasich, DeWine, Husted and Mandel solely for the reason that they refused to debate; The Report does think that, if whom to vote for on merit is a close call  in the upcoming November 4th election; perhaps, the demonstrated anti-democratic values stance of the four Republicans might be a tipping point in Ohioans/Stark Countians voting for their opponents.

Again.  Shame on Kasich, DeWine, Husted and Mandel for putting personal political interests ahead of the public interest!

Stark Countians and all Ohioans owe the Cleveland City Club a debt of gratitude for arranging for and hosting the auditor race debate.

For a third time a SCPR "shame on you" to Kasich, DeWine, Husted and Mandel for not honoring/supporting the Cleveland City Club democracy enhancing debate forum.

Just one more point.

"Well," some undoubtedly will say, "Democratic candidates in the same position would do the the very same thing."

Of course, they would.

But that doesn't make it the proper thing to do for the well being of our democratic system, which is to say: "let informed voters decide" who is to hold office.

All the "Democrats would do the same thing" argument proves is that such Democratic politicians are more committed to "self-interest, personal interest politics" than they are to America's democratic values.

Self interest over the public interest is why more and more of us disdain politicians of whatever stripe.

Over time the actions of folks like Kasich, DeWine, Husted and Mandel eat away at the very foundation of our cherished democratic processes.

And, yes, there are names to be named as part and parcel of "the acid of personal political interest" prevailing which undermines our way of life.  A way of life sustained at Lexington, Concord, Valley Forge, Gettysburg, Vicksburg, Normandy and in the battle against Al Qaeda and currently ISIS.

Here is the Bridges/Carney/Yost Cleveland City Club debate.

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