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Even The Stark County Political Report was not prepared for this one.
In Stark County's Jackson Township, only 13.5% of the township's 207 full time and part time employees (the number not including elected officials) are female.

With the revelation of these numbers, nobody should be surprised that Jackson Township government appears to be under investigation by the United States government (see September 5th SCPR  blog)  for gender discrimination among its police officer force.

What the SCPR did not write about on the 5th is that The Report has been told that there may also have been a "racial discrimination" employment case filed against the township.

The federal government does not confirm or deny the existence of employment discrimination complaints being filed until and unless either a settlement has been reached or litigation filed.

However, the SCPR has information from a source in a position to know that the United States Department of Justice is or will soon be in Cleveland conducting an investigation of at least one such complaint (i.e. employment discrimination) but which may be as many as six.

As the SCPR has done throughout this series in which Stark County departments of government and City of Canton departments of government have been written about by The Report, here is the famous "blue" for the men, "pink" for the women spreadsheet listing which poignantly shows the degree to which Stark County's women (who constitute 51.5% of Stark County's population) are denied their fair share of jobs and, moreover, "top paying" Stark County government and political subdivision jobs.

(SCPR Note:  Underlying data was provided by Jackson Township officials on The Reports public records request)

In Jackson, only 28 of 207 local government employees are female.  Jackson at 51.4% female nearly mirrors Stark County as a whole in terms of percentage of the township's total population.

While Jackson's top paid employee is a female, she is all alone at the top because you have to go to 38 employment slots to get to the next female.

Shocking!!!, Truly shocking, no?

And you could ask for a more fitting the stereo-type of females being ideally suited to be a secretary than what this part of the spreadsheet shows.

And, of course, these jobs are at the bottom of salary level for Jackson Township full time employees.

Stark County auditor Alan Harold (a numbers guy in his own right) once complained to the SCPR:  "Martin, you make us look like a bunch of sexists."

The SCPR's response:  "Hey, Alan, the numbers are the numbers!"

Readers of the SCPR know that with The Report blogs "the chips fall where they may!"

As bad as the tilt towards males that the employment numbers are in Harold's office (a situation he inherited to some degree from previous auditors), Jackson Township officials make him and his predecessors look like "flaming liberals" on gender equity issues.

Another tell-tale sign on Jackson's officials (this time the elected trustees) is that they cannot even do equity on the "hourly paid" township commission.

One of the Stark County Political Report's very "favorite" public officials is Jackson fiscal officer Randy Gonzalez (former chairman of the Stark County Democratic Party).

Gonzalez, historically, has whined, whined and whined some more about SCPR blogs.  Moreover, he has self-promoted to The Report as working in the public sector "in the spirit of a family tradition of public service."  He, does not, however, recite the ample taxpayer provided compensation he has received for his "public service."

A typical SCPR response is:  "Randy, they (the blogs) are only my opinion."

Gonzalez:  "But Martin, they sound like fact."

Of course, the reason for that is that the SCPR goes out and gets solid evidence supporting SCPR opinions.

Well, it is apropos that this particular blog is about Jackson Township where Gonzalez is fiscal officer and a former trustee.

Undoubtedly, Gonzalez will be heard to complain at Jackson Township Hall about today's blog.

It is likely that he is saying what Harold did.

"The numbers are not what they appear to be!"

Interesting, no?

Well, if there is not, how about doing some Sarah Palinese "explainin" to the Stark County/JacksonTownship public?

But maybe Gonzalez, when he sees that the SCPR points out (which shows The Report's basic fairness) that in his department of Jackson Township government 75% of the employees (Gonzalez himself being the fourth as a "part time" employee) are women and two of them are paid more than he is, will be less whiney.

The SCPR is now on blog 12 in this series and despite one reader (a male, of course) admonishing The Report to get onto another topic, which, of course, the SCPR covered many, many, many topics in some 2500 plus blogs published since March 12, 2008, The Report intends to examine every "nook and cranny" of Stark County government so that Stark Countians can know how unfairly over half the county's population is being treated with taxpayer dollars.

Here are links to the SCPR's previous blogs.

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