Tuesday, June 9, 2015


UPDATE: 4:20 p.m. Tuesday

It turns out that J. Corey Colombo of the law firm of McTigue, McGinnis & Colombo, LLC will be representing Canton "independent" mayor candidate Thomas Bernabei in the Stark/Ohio Dems' quest to deny him Stark County Board of Elections certifcation as a legally qualified candidate.

A SPECIAL NOTE:  Some of the information contained in this update came from the Stark County Board of Elections administration.

A SCPR "thank you" is in order for BOE employee Travis Secrest who despite not being in the office this week (he's on vacation) checked his e-mail and discovered The Report's request for information and forwarded it to another BOE employee for response.

The SCPR comments Travis for his commitment of getting the job done when he is not on the job.

A terrific example for all local government employees (non-union) to follow, no?

A highly reliable source has told the SCPR that Don McTigue of Columbus will - in fact - be representing Stark Commissioner Thomas Bernabei in his quest to run as an "independent" candidate for mayor.

However, just minutes ago, the SCPR verified with the BOE that the Board has not yet received official notification by McTigue of his representation.

The Report has confirmed with the BOE that members will - today at a 3:00 p.m. - be setting a day and time of day for setting a hearing on the Stark and Ohio Dems' protest of the Bernabei candidacy in the event the June 17th certification results in the board certifying Bernabei.


As indicated by the "breaking news" descriptor of this blog, the SCPR has just learned that Massillon mayoral candidate Franchis H. Cicchinelli, Jr's attorney has requested that members William V. Sherer, II and Samuel Ferruccio Stark County Board of Elections (BOE) be recused from participating in any determination of whether or not Cicchinelli is qualified to appear on the November general election ballot as an "independent" for mayor of Massillon, to wit:

Cicchinell's attorney (Crag T. Conley) has prior experience in challenging a former Stark County BOE member (Deametrious St. John, the Maier challenge, February, 2014) on his ability to render "due process of law" in his quasi-judicial function as a board member inasmuch as he told local media before the BOE protest hearing that he knew already that Maier was qualified.

The Cicchinelli situation is somewhat different in that both Sherer, II and Ferruccio are both members of the petitioner Stark County Democratic Party Executive Committee which within the last week ago or so authorized the filing of the Bernabei candidacy protest which in fact has been filed.

A protest of the Cicchinelli candidacy is expected any day now.

Reportedly, Canton attorney Steven Okey, will be presenting the Stark Dems if and when a protest against Cicchinelli is filed.

The Report is told that the same Stark Dems' Executive Committee action that authorized the Bernabei protest also authorized a Cicchinelli protest.

The SCPR has checked with Okey and here is his response:
Steve Okey  Today at 2:42 PM
To: Martin Olson

The Rules of Professional Conduct prevent a lawyer from revealing information relating to the representation of a client, and at this time I am unable to either confirm or deny your inquiry.


From: Martin Olson [mailto:tramols@att.net]
Sent: Monday, June 08, 2015 12:08 PM
To: Steve Okey
I have heard that you have retained by Kathy Catazaro-Perry to represent her in filing a protest to Frank Cicchinelli's candidacy as an "independent" candidate for mayor.

Accurate or inaccurate?

If accurate, when do you anticipate that the protest will be filed?

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