Thursday, December 24, 2015


When the SCPR received this e-mail last week, yours truly found that Eddie Elum is facing his second disciplinary complaint hard to believe.

Of course, as The Stark County Political Report is often in a position to do because of The Report's outstanding sources, this: (LINK)

And, once Elum defended himself to local mainstream media, this:  (LINK)

(SCPR Note:  Of course, Elum wouldn't dare talk to The Stark County Political Report for yours truly would only talk to him on the condition that he answer "all" the questions that the SCPR has to ask on topic and he would be foolhardy to agree to that, no?)

One of the more interesting things written about Elum's latest ethical blunder is by a friend of his in the Massillon mainstream media, to wit:

In general, I am a fan of Judge Elum and would say he has been an asset to the court and community; however, I have definitely lost some respect for him. In Friday’s Independent article, Judge Elum admitted that his calls and conversation with the landlord were a mistake and improper under Ohio Ethics Codes. He then is quoted as saying, “I did nothing wrong.” He’s talking out of both sides of his mouth. Simply man up, admit you were wrong, apologize and learn from your mistakes.  ...

Judge Elum needs to start acting in a more respectful and professional manner. He was fortunate his 2012 law license suspension was stayed. His admission that his calls and conversation with the landlord were a mistake comes across as insincere when he then says I did nothing wrong. Then he uses God as his excuse for acting like he did. He is starting to sound like the two-time DUI offenders he sees in his courtroom. 

(Source citation:  Massillon Independent, Speak Your Mind, December 23, 2015)

And then the writer goes on the cite that Judge Elum is known for his good works in the Massillon community and in his courtroom.

Which predictably for a person who up front says:  "In general, I am a fan of Judge Elum ..." is a prelude for the writer to conclude:

"He is a good man ... give him a break."

The SCPR could not disagree more with the "give him a break" part of the conclusion.

In the total sense of the person, he may or may not be a good man. And if he is a good man it obviously is in a field other than the legal/judiciary arena.

By the SCPR's count, this is Elum's third publicly known ethical problem.

One back in 1992 when he as in the Ohio attorney general's office.

In 2012 in relationship to former Chief of Police Rob Williams and in his treatment of a party to a case before him.

And now this complaint involving allegations that he acted improperly in dealing with a friend's landlady.

The SCPR believes that there are likely many other incidents in which formal complaints were not filed on Elum.

Moreover, The Report thinks that the folks running the Massillon Independent have known over the 20 years Elum has been judge about such incidents and chose not to publish them.

Accordingly, the plea to "give him [Elum] a break" falls on death ears with the SCPR.

Judge Edward J. Elum far and away deserves  the SCPR 2015 "Lump of Coal" Award!!!

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