Friday, March 18, 2016


Despite political propaganda lacing an edition of a taxpayer paid for Jackson Township newsletter, if Trustee James N. Walters were on the general election ballot this year rather than last, the SCPR thinks he would be in line to lose his seat on the Jackson Township Board of Township Trustees.


Here are the actual results.

Again, the SCPR asks:  Overwhelming?




When the newsletter was brought to The Report's attention, interest was piqued immediately.


Because at the township level this is a local government subtle example of how sitting elected officials direct the use of taxpayer money to aggrandize themselves.

Many undoubtedly think that such happens only at the state and national level of American politics.

To thinks so, is wrong.

In The Report's home area (Lake Township), it seems in the Lake Township Newsletter in October of an incumbent-running for reelection year, the incumbent candidate gets a big write up in the township's newsletter which ends up in the mail boxes of Lake Township voters days before the first Tuesday after the first Monday in November.

Amazing coincidence! no?

And such is why increasingly many Americans, Ohioans and Stark Countians are disengaging from our political processes.

All the foregoing is a lead up to this.

Trustee Walters was the lead proponent in Jackson Township to go along with Developer Donald DeVille's seemingly never ending (four tries) effort to push through his planned unit development plan for the southeast corner of the intersection of Brunnerdale & Hills and Dales in Jackson.

To their credit, initially Trustees Hawk and Pizzino had questions about the plan.

But eventually they caved into Walters and DeVille and approved the zoning change.

At the outset, the likes of Walters tried to bill the controversy as a few Jacksonians living in the vicinity of the DeVille proposal.

Who believes that in light of the following election results from the Tuesday, March 15, 2016 tally, to wit:

Not one single precinct voted to sustain Trustees Walters, Pizzinio and Hawke!!!

All of which leads The Report to stark thinking that Pizzino and Hawk might have trouble getting reelected in November, 2017 if candidates emerge who can connect the dots of the trustees being out of touch with their Jackson constituents to their respective campaigns.

One such candidate might be Walters 2015 opponent Troy E. Gardner.  He tells the SCPR that he is considering a encore candidacy.

In light of the obvious out-of-touchness that the results of Issue 6 communicate, one would think that the Pizzino and Hawke ought to be looking over their political shoulders, no?

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