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It appears to the SCPR that there is a somewhat of a disconnect between Stark County's leading political figures as contrasted with a number of Ohio's statehouse Republicans.

Stark County's leading Republican countywide and Stark County commissioner Janet Creighton (as seen in the graphic above) is sticking by the GOP's nominated for president man:  Donald J. Trump.

And here is what the Stark County Republican Party (presumably the words of [or at least approved by him for release] Stark GOP Chairman, Jeff Matthews (also executive director of the Stark County Republican Party).

Matthews has not responded direct to the SCRP in response to an e-mail inquiry sent him and other leading Stark County "organized" Republicans early yesterday morning seeking reaction as a consequence of a "caught on tape" video in which Republican presidential candidate Trump can be heard saying (in 2005) that he had attempted to seduce a married woman and seemingly he could do whatever he wished of a sexual nature with women he took a liking to by virtue of his, at the time, being a star.

The Report has received no response from Stark County treasurer Alex Zumbar and prosecuting attorney candidate Jeff Jakmides.

Republican Stark County commissioner candidate and current Canton Township trustee Bill Smith did respond saying that he was preoccupied with working on campaign matters and dealing with family located in Florida in the pathway of Hurricane Matthew.

Here is what Republican Family Court candidate David Nist had to say:

My parents always taught my sister and I not to say anything that we would not be willing to repeat to our grandparents. They also taught us the value of the golden rule. 

Despite our best efforts if we did ever offend someone we were directed to give them a sincere apology and hope the offended person forgave us. As parents, my wife and I try to instill some of the same values in our children. 

n our jobs, my wife and I try to always remember that the individual or people we are dealing with could be someones brother, sister, wife, husband, mother, father or grandparent and so we do our best to treat them with respect. 

Several state of Ohio elected officials/federal officials and thereby public figures had these comments which are in marked contrast to what is coming out of the mouths of Stark County GOP officials (source:  Columbus Dispatch article [LINK]):

State officials disapproving and NOT endorsing Trump:

State officials disapproving of Trump's "caught on tape" but apparently still supporting him pretty much in line what Stark GOP elected officials/candidates are saying:

Federal elected official disapproving of Trump's words and WITHDRAWING a previous endorsement which, of course, is tune with what Kasich and Yost have done.

And, finally, statements from two of Stark County's representatives in Congress which are pretty much in line with the Stark County/DeWine approach:  (Gibbs, most of Stark County; Renacci the northern part of Stark County)

Notably "among the missing" (as of the time of publishing this blog) are state GOP elected Mary Taylor (lieutenant governor), Josh Mandel (Ohio treasurer) and Jon Husted (secretary of state).

There has probably never been a more trying time for "organized" and "elected to office" and "candidate for office" Republicans whether it be at the local, state or national level.

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