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I think any Republican candidate or current office holder (my opponent included) that has endorsed and stood by Donald Trump needs to explain why they are putting party loyalty in front of the dignity of women. 

The Citizens and more specifically the women of Stark County deserve to know why party loyalty is more important then the dignity of women.  

Councilman John Mariol II
Ward Seven

One of the Republican attacks on Democrat presidential candidate Hillary Clinton is her famous (24 years ago on CBS' 60 Minutes) in response to the Bill Clinton/Monica Lewinsky scandal:

 "I'm not sitting here some little woman standing by my man like Tammy Wynette."

But that Hillary assertion was far from the truth of what she actually did.

And the SCPR agrees with the Republicans, in participating in the effort to discredit Lewinsky and others consorting with Bill, Hillary was disserving women.

Now we the have the GOP's Donald Trump's "war on women" that may date back to 1990, if not before.

The question in 2016 is whether "organized" Republicans care more about the continue viability of the party's presidential candidate and by extension Republican political party interest preservation over the dignity of women.

Going back to the days that Stark County commissioner candidate Bill Smith (trustee, Canton Township [Canton South]) was running in the March 15, 2016 primary election against fellow Republican Dave Mungo of Alliance for the Republican nomination for the commissionership, neither was for Donald Trump in the huge array of (16, 17 or so) of candidates seeking to be the Republican nominee for president in the November 8th election.

Smith said he was solid for Republican governor John Kasich.

Mungo said he was supporting Ben Carson.

On reflection, the SCPR's take away was that both had a dim view of the candidacy of Donald Trump.

One of Bill Smith's qualities is being a team player.  As a Canton Township trustee, he for 15 years worked with the township's other to trustees to advance the interests of Canton Township residents in a positive way.

Accordingly, it is not surprising that this John Kasich supporter opted to perhaps put his individual self-interest political stance on the back burner and get on board in supporting Trump as a reasonably loyal Republican as demonstrated in his backdrop presence at Trump's September 14 Canton Memorial Civic Center appearance.

Less than a month later, Smith and other Stark County Republican candidates for countywide office and in one statehouse race (District 49, Democrat councilman Thomas West opposed by Republican Dan McMasters) are faced with having questions posed to them by the likes of The Stark County Political Report regarding their continuing support in light of the revelation yesterday of a Donald Trump videotape (the audio portion) which reveals a Donald Trump promoting marital infidelity in the context of just having married for the third time himself and his revealing, in his take, that because he is a rich and famous man he could pretty much has his way sexually with adoring women.

With that videotape hitting the airwaves, Republican supporters of Trump (officeholders/candidates from school boards through national office) now have to chose between staying with the GOP presidential nominee or backing off in protest to Trump's outrageous conduct in his relationship with women outside his immediate family.

Recently, daughter Ivanka (who Stark County state Rep. Christina Hagan, the 50th) is on record as being impressed with was out saying (paraphrase) my father is not a predator.

More than any other assessment/attribution, "predator" is the one the SCPR thinks is most used by political/social "on-air" analysts since the story broke yesterday.

If nothing else, Trump ought to be totally ashamed of himself for having allowed his daughter to be out on the political hustings on his behalf having to have known that he had engaged in conduct revealed by the 2005 tape.

The SCPR has contacted Smith and other Stark Republican candidates and officeholders via e-mail for a reaction.

It will be interesting to see what kind of response the Stark County media collectively will be have to elicit from local Republican candidates/office holders.

The Stark County Republican Party candidates cited by name and/or alluded to in this blog, all seem to the SCPR to be high quality human beings.

Yours truly is registered as a non-partisan voter.

To boot:  the father of three terrific daughters; all highly accomplished academically & professionally, all highly thoughtful, all "respect" demanding.

In order:  a USAF medical doctor, an attorney (near completing her PhD) and a public relations officer (Colonel) in the United States Air Force Reserve.

In the 1988 through 1996 era as the Olson girls were learning what it like to be a woman in American society, there were battles to be fought and won in alliance with their father.

For example, the Lake School System having vastly superior locker room facilities for basketball for boys as compared to those for girls.

Another example, the men of the North Canton YMCA trying to run the Olson girls out of the use of one of two gyms located in the bowels of North Canton facility notwithstanding that the Olson family was dues paying and therefore entitled to a shared use.

Accordingly, it is important that local Republicans holding/running for office to qualify for the Martin Olson support/vote to publicly disavow the Trump 2005 conduct and moreover to make clear disavowing statements that his "in being in an entertainer mode" could somehow in his screwy mindset could be a justification for calling women "fat pig, slob, dog, disgusting animal."

Trump's disparagement of women goes back to at least 1990.

The SCPR is fanning out across Stark County to get public official/candidate/citizen reaction (Republican & Democrat) to the Trump "caught on camera" revelation.

Here is a reaction from former Canton councilman (Ward 5) and Democratic candidate for county commissioners (would have been Bill Smith's opponent, if he had won the Democratic primary.

Kevin Fisher <>  Today at 9:04 AM

To:  Martin Olson


I can't say that I'm surprised by the 2005 tape...Trump is a man who has built his celebrity and now his presidential campaign on bluster and outrageous comments. He has has spent his life and his candidacy insulting women, Latinos, Muslims, African-Americans, and just about anyone else who crosses his mind.

I am, however, grateful that my 11 year daughter will not only see the first woman be elected president next month...but also see her do so by defeating the biggest misogynist to ever seek the White House.


Stark County's most prominent woman officeholder is Stark County commissioner Janet Creighton.

The Report got into a little bit of a flap with Creighton on exactly how committed she is to Donald Trump as presidential candidate.  (LINK)

The SCPR has a great deal of admiration for Creighton in light of her history of having had to struggle to get to the top of Stark County Republicanism in the face of her as a woman getting the respect of the men who have controlled the leadership of the Stark County Republican Party sense her days years ago as Stark County recorder.

Here is a re-post of Creighton's e-mail to the SCPR in response to the SCPR's questioning of her loyalty to the Trump presidency effort:

As the chair of "Stark County Women for Trump,"  it will be interesting to see if Creighton will respond to a SCPR e-mail inquiry as to whether or or not she stands by her presidential candidate man:  Donald J. Trump, no?

Being as politically close to Governor Kasich as she is, it should have been a clear signal to her to "beware" Donald Trump in the light of the Kasich steadfast refusal to endorse the Republican presidential standard bearer.

Republican candidate Dan McMasters weighs-in with the SCPR in the following e-mail exchange, to wit:

Dan McMasters <dan.mcmasters.byg0 ...  Today at 12:23 PM

To:  'Martin Olson'

It will make for an interesting debate topic tomorrow. This whole thing is headed into the gutter

Dan F. McMasters

-----Original Message-----
From: Martin Olson []
Sent: Saturday, October 08, 2016 11:22 AM Eastern Standard Time
To: Dan McMasters
Subject: Trump "caught on camera" matter


As a leading Stark County Republican who has shown support for Donald Trump (e.g. Civic Center September 14th), your reaction to the Trump "caught on tape" matter of yesterday?

Thank you,

Martin Olson
330 499 0465

Is that answer responsive?

Sounds like "standing by 'our' man, no?

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