Saturday, August 9, 2008


Readers of the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) will recall that The Report was first on board when Canton attorney Allen Schulman decided he wanted to be Canton City Council president.

Schulman is a very talented local trial attorney who The Report believes has the intellectual wherewithal and political clout to help Mayor Healy get Canton moving in a positive economic direction.

But with the passage of time and no reported earth moving contributions by Schulman on council, The Report is beginning to wonder if Schulman is deflected from the primary task at hand by being mired in state and national politics.

At first glance, The Report did not see the breaking news of yesterday of former presidential candidate John Edwards problems as being particularly relevant to Stark County politics.

But on second consideration, The Report does see a local connection. And, the Edwards' factor is not the only one. The other that stands out is the Marc Dann tumble from power.

What is the connection?

It is this.

Canton City Council president Allen Schulman was a big campaign contribution supporter of both. In the case of Edwards, Schulman actually hosted local events supporting his candidacy.

So what?

Good point.

The point for consideration is this. Obviously, one would think, Schulman would like to do take backs on both. Because it does make one ponder on Schulman's ability to make sound political judgments. Doesn't it?

What do you think? Is Schulman's political judgment suspect. Or, is he like most politically involved people, sometimes you get it right; sometimes you miss the mark? But is Schulman, consequently, diverted from his primary task of getting Canton headed in a positive economic direction?

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Chrissy Schulman said...

I have never answered a blog before, but because this comment involves someone I personally know and respect I will answer. We were sent this link from a friend who thought we should see what you are spewing without any merit.

First, Mr. Olsen, I don't believe that you are at all following what Mr. Schulman is doing on City Council or what his role is as president. I can tell you that there are many discussions and meetings with many in this community outside of what is expected of him. Perhaps you should take some time off from your computer and read the Canton Rep to see what City Counciland Allen are doing. Did you see the Canton Green Project, the art institute project?

His political judgement in question as you refer to is an outrageous allegation and I resent it. There were a lot of people other than Allen and I that believed in Senator Edwards. I am still healing from the shock of the revelation, but for you to tie Allen Schulman to these men in a negative way and ponder his political judgement is utterly ignorant. We do our best to support those whose policies we embrace. Since you seem to know so much about us then maybe you should also ackowledge what we have endeavored to do for other candidates who I would presume you have voted for. I am disappointed in many lately, but the fact that I am taking any time to respond to your obsurd blog is probably the most disturbing. Oh, in case you don't know, the role of bringing jobs to Canton is not the role of Canton City Council President, the last time I checked it is the role of the mayor and the hard work of the Chamber and others.
Chrissy Schulman