Monday, January 11, 2010


UPDATE:  01/11/2010 at 11:30 AM

A source tells the SCPR that he believes that the removal from the Northwest Schools website calendar was inadvertent.  The source has provided the SCPR with a copy of an email response to the source from Northwest superintendent William Stetler.

Here it is:


As Northwest Schools (Canal Fulton area) resident tells the SCPR that back in December, the Northwest Local School District Board of Education (BOE) passed a resolution setting up a series of meeting designed to deal with the question of what the Northwest Schools are to do about its dire financial condition.

Originally, The Report is told, tonight's meeting was on the school website calender.

So, the source posed this question?

The source also included a copy of a BOE resolution setting the series of meeting, to wit:


What does the SCPR think is going on here?

Although the meeting of the 11th is clearly a public meeting, the administration and the BOE wants it to be as private as possible by structuring the publicity factor "low-profile."

The SCPR will be surprised if the committees will be engaging the public at all on the 11th.  More likely, attendees will be told that this is a "work session" open to public view, but that the committees will not be taking input or be in dialogue with the public.

The Report might be wrong about this, however, yours truly  believes that the hope is that nobody from the public will be attending.

If The Report is correct about the structuring of the publicity factor as being indicative of a desire to discourage public attendance, then the conclusion to be drawn is that the BOE is not sincere  - as various members have said over the past year - that they are intent on building public trust.

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