Tuesday, January 5, 2010


 Jackson Township's Steve Meeks was sworn in as Stark County commissioner yesterday.

"it is only fitting and proper" that Stark County Democratic Party chairman Randy Gonzalez (a man of many Stark County political and government portfolios) swear in newly Stark County Democratic Central Committee appointee Steve Meeks as the replacement commissioner for the recently resigned Tom Harmon (12/01/2009).

The SCPR has examined the consummate political history of Meeks and has concluded that he is "of politics, by politics and for politics."

When Gayle Jackson was commissioner, either son and Stark County Democratic Party political director or her chief political sponsor and then Stark County Democratic Party chairman could have stepped in, if need be, and no one would have noticed the difference.

Likewise, if  Steve Meeks needs to be out-of-town for some reason, he need only call in Gonzalez and no one will notice the difference.

Meeks and Gonzalez are about as close as two people can get politically and still end up with two individual people.  Moreover, by his own words, Meeks says he is close, also, to former commissioners Jackson and Harmon.

All the political indicators and associations are such that one shouldn't look for Meeks to distinguish himself as Stark County commissioner.

He will serve his political party well, but he will not be an energetic, innovative, creative thinker who proves to be a transformative, catalytic leader that Stark County so desperately needs these days.

For the sake of Stark County's future, let us all hope he proves the SCPR wrong!

Gonzalez says that no one  comes better prepared for this job than Meeks.

From Gonzalez and his political perspective, who could argue?

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