Wednesday, February 10, 2010


Dave Wolf chose not to run again as trustee in Marlboro Township.  As for that "Wise guy," he had to be drug out kicking and screaming by the voters of Marlboro.  In the November election just past, "former" trustee Tim Wise got only 244 votes.

The SCPR hears that Wise was telling friends that he was confident of a win as indicated by pats on the back he was getting from his many friends and well-wishers.

Talk about living in a cocoon?
Well, we all now know that Wise was only fooling himself.

Recently, The Report had an exchange of an email and telephone conversation with Police Chief Ron Devies.

The Devies family is iconic in Marlboro Township for the family's many years of service in varying capacities to the community of Marlboro.  It appears to the SCPR that  being looked up to -  made the chief a target of the egotistic former trustees Wolf and Wise.

What is particularly offensive and outrageous about the whole Wolf/Wise/Devies saga to the SCPR, is the failure of the Stark County criminal justice system at the the sheriff and prosecutor level.  The judiciary (Judge Lee Sinclair) did right the obvious wrong that the Devies had been put through..  But we all should shake in our boots at the low, low quality of work done by Sheriff Tim Swanson (Rick Perez) and Prosecutor Ferrero (Dennis Barr).

But matters are on the mend in Marlboro.

In his email to the SCPR, this is what the Chief had to say about conditions in Marlboro, to wit:
Everything is going great since the new board is in. My wages have been compensated and I know enjoy working with three men who are professionals and mutual respect is shared rather than the oppressive micro-management and leadership lacking a clue, that we endured the last four years. Ken Eddleman has proven to be a die hard worker that goes above and beyond his job a real good way!
In a follow-up telephone conversation, Chief Devies related to The Report a situation in which he and Prosecutor Ferrero were seated within one person of each other at the head table of an event.

We all know that it is very difficult to sit virtually next to someone who has had such a prominent place in your life and nary a word being spoken between the two.

One can understand Devies not initiating a conversation because he was a Ferrero victim.  For if he had, it would have been - if it were yours truly - something like "why did you try to ruin my life over what was obviously a communications problem?"

But Ferrero?  A man charged with doing justice for Stark Countians, should have found a way to say something like:  "Ron, I want you to know that I understand we obviously made a mistake in the handling of your case.  I wish I could undo what we put you, your family and the people of Marlboro through, but I can't.  However, I do apologize and promise to do a much better job in similar situations as they arise."

Unless and until Prosecutor Ferrero (and for that matter, Chief Deputy Rick Perez or his boss Sheriff Tim Swanson) make an apology, Stark County voters should not consider returning the offenders to office or, in the case of Rick Perez, electing them to office.

The Devies matter goes down in the annals of Stark County law enforcement history as a high ranking grievous offense against the Devies family and all the citizens of Stark County.

There, but for the grace of God - with a prosecutor like John Ferrero and a sheriff like Tim Swanson, we all go!

Despite the travail the Devies matter wrought, some good did come of the ordeal.  Marlboro now has a trustee (Eddleman) who is doing what trustees ought to be doing and a community is on the mend and the wiser in being on the lookout for office seekers with ego problems.

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