Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It has taken awhile, but the SCPR is getting clearer on state Representative Todd Snitchler (R - Lake) and his opponent for the 50th Ohio House seat, Todd Bosley (D - Marlboro), and their inability to say what they mean or mean what they say.

Back in June, 2008; before he was elected to the Ohio House (50th) Snitchler appeared at a Uniontown Business Association (UBA) meeting to talk about his "we have no money" Lake Development Corporation and whether or not it was part of the Lake Chamber or Commerce or not.

But it wasn't a campaign appearance.

Who believed that?

When the SCPR published a video clip of his "dancing all over the place" presentation, it appears that he put one of his friends in the UBA to complain to yours truly that his appearance was non-political and not fair game in political commentary.

Then in his campaign against fellow Republican Tina Hagan in the Republican primary there was talk about whether or not Snitchler had anything to do with Hagan's revelation that she had been offered a job by the Ohio House Republican Caucus in order to get her out of the race.

In his race against Democrat Celeste DeHoff (former trustee from Tuscarawas Township), DeHoff complained bitterly about Snitchler distorting her positions in campaign literature.

In an appearance at Tax Day, Tea Day (April 15, 2009) in downtown Canton, Snitchler said outright that Ohio should refuse federal stimulus money.  Shortly afterwards, he was saying he was taken out of context.  But a tape and many ear/eye witnesses of the event show that he said exactly that and no, if, or buts about it.

He has complained to the SRPR and many others that he cannot get anything done in the Ohio House because the Democrats won't let him.  You mean they will not allow him to co-sponsor any of the bills that Democrats put forth?  Of course they will.  But then he wouldn't be being Republican enough.

Did The Report say "not being Republican enough?"  That's another slippery thing he is trying.

On "Points to Ponder" a couple of weeks ago, Snitchler - with his disingenous answers - had Ron suggesting something to the effect that he was sort of a non-partisan type.  Really?  If this be true, why doesn't Snitchler cross the aisle here and there and join in on some of the Democrat legislation.

Apparently, Democrat offered legislation are all partisan whereas the Republicans and Snitchler's, in particular, are unbiased.


And then there's this.  The SCPR was told by a prominent local Republican that at the recent (February 4, 2010) annual Stark GOP McKinley fete, Snitchler got caught up in the - may I say it - partisan hoopla of the event and teed off on his upcoming opponent as being "Taxing Todd Bosley."

In an email exchange of Sunday past, Snitchler denied he had ever said any such thing as it would not be too smart to say "Taxing Todd" as he might be mistaken to be talking about himself since his first name is Todd, too.  Agreed.  But politicians are widely known to say and do things that "are not too smart."  Moreover, yours truly checked back with The Report's source - a person that very likely favors Snitchler over Bosley on the basis of Republican identity alone - who confirmed that Snitchler did identify Todd Bosley with taxation in a very clear and unmistable way.

The SCPR is not impressed with Snitchler's equivocation, parsing, quibbling and excuse making.

But his opponent, Commissioner Bosley, has his own problems saying what he means and mean what he says.

Bosley's seemed to be tripping all over himself with ill-advised words in his dispute with the Vote No Increased Tax Committee folks.

When he did, then he gave that standard political line "I didn't mean it like it sounded."

Further evidence of Bosley's inability to say what he means and mean what he says was there in his explanation of why the Stark County Board of Commissioners decided to hire former commissioner Tom Harmon's stepson as deputy dog warden a few weeks back.  He took yours truly aside and explained  and amplified that he went along with the hiring to avoid hiring one of the two other finalists selected by the then warden.  The SCPR doesn't believe the account for one New York minute.  Obviously, the move was designed to placate the Harmons (long time friends of Bosley) and convince them that Bosley was worthy of their help in the upcoming campaign against Snitchler.

It appears that 50th House District voters are in for quite a trip during the next eight months.

Here we got the two Todds who seem to have some difficulty in communicating what is really on their minds and behind their statements and actions.

Right now, the SCPR gives Todd Snitchler the lead on this score.

The question is this?  Will Todd Bosley be content to be outdone on this count?

Probably not!

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