Tuesday, November 15, 2011


 UPDATE:  11:00 AM

16th District Congressman Jim Renacci apparently is hellbent on driving the congressional job approval (in terms of congresspersons' credibility) rating down either further than the Real Clear Politics (RCP) average shown in the graphic above.

Yesterday, Robert Wang of The Repository revealed (16th District lines drawn around Timken plants) that "someone" saw to it that a good part of the Timken roller bearing facilities remained in Jim Renacci's 16th congressional district.

Micro-gerrymandering on top of just plain ole gerrymandering.

Earlier this fall, the Republican dominated Ohio General Assembly sliced and diced Stark County into three congressional districts (which Republican state Rep. Christina Hagan  - Stark County, the 50th said was good for Stark) as part of a "every ten year" U.S. Constitution mandated redistricting.

If the new plan survives (it is being challenged by Ohio's Democrats), Renacci's 16th will only encompass northwest Stark except for a peninsula-esque jab into the heart of Stark County to pick off some Timken real estate.

Who in their right "political" mind would attribute the "someone" to anyone other than the congressman himself on the matter of mircro-gerrymandering.

One way or another the line of accountability has to lead back to Jim Renacci.  Any other explanation is simply naive and incredible.

Reading Wang's piece, it seems to the SCPR likely that there is a Republican Party conspiracy (denied by Republican operatives) to shield Renacci from direct involvement in the "micro-gerrymandering" of Stark County whereby a peninsula juts down into Stark apparently designed to suggest to the Timken interests that it is in their interests to continue to contribute massive amounts of money (some $124,000 plus since 2009) to the Renacci re-election campaign.

Who believes the statement of Mike Dittoe of the Ohio House Republicans:  "Campaign contributions do not dictate where congressional lines are drawn."

Who can forget a few months back when Renacci appeared at a Wadsworth townhall meeting in which "unfriendly" media was refused a right to videotape and the Renacci campaign "conveniently" laid the blame on the Wadsworth 9/12 group sponsoring the event.

Seems to be a hallmark of how Renacci operates, no?

To The Report Jim Renacci isn't any different than most of the other 434 members of Congress who have put Congress' approval rating - on average - at 11.3%.

It is all about him and his personal political survival and unity of Stark County be damned!

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