Friday, June 29, 2012


Readers of the SCPR will recall that in May, 2011 yours truly traveled to the Peoples Republic of China.  An effort to continue to write the Stark County Political Report was attempted (LINK to May 30, 2011 blog) but, because of censorship in play in "Red China," the blog was off the Internet for about two weeks.

While the trip to China was instructive and enjoyable in that it was made with yours truly's youngest daughter Kasi and her family (she is married to China mainland native William Chu, now an American citizen and a flight surgeon in the United States Air Force shown below with Kasi and their children Austin and Aspen partaking of Chinese cusine on the trip), it clearly was inhibiting to know that there are political police all over the place in China suppressing basic human freedoms.

No such problem in the United Kingdom.

From the time the trip began (June 20th) through today (June 29th), the SCPR hasn't missed a beat though some 4,000 miles away in Great Britain.

As we all know, England in a free loving nation from which much of the United States' political heritage comes.

This trip was the idea of middle daughter Heidi (working on her PhD in English literature) to go to Stratford-upon-Avon which is the birthplace and the burial place of William Shakespeare,

Also accompanying was Heidi's husband Mark Silcox. 

Mark is a Canadian whose father and mother were born in England.  And his grandfather was a mayor of a British town years ago.

Mark and Heidi are shown in the following photo with wife Mary who is enjoying "High Tea" time with uniquely British scones.

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