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JUNE 10, 2015
JULY 30, 2015

Today's Stark County Board of Elections (BOE) special meeting (June 09, 2015) lasted only four minutes and twenty-four seconds (4:24) and it was to the point.

The protest on former Democrat Thomas Bernabei as an "independent" running against Democrat incumbent mayor William J. Healy, II filed last week by the Stark County and Ohio "organized" Democratic parties likely will not be decided on June 17th, The Stark County Political Report has learned from a non-board-member person in a position to know.

But the Cicchinelli and other switchers from prior political party affiliations (includes both prior registered Republican and Democrats) to "independent" for the November election likely will be approved for certification.

For unless protests are filed, an well-positioned and informed source (not one of the board members) has told The Report that absent a protest the only function to be discharged by board members are the formalities (e.g. proper number of registered voters) associated with the certification processes.

On Bernabei, that his residency and party affiliation has been challenged, the question of his certification or non-certification will not be in play a week from tomorrow.

Remember, there are other hopeful "run-as-an-independent"  candidates beyond Bernabei and Cicchinelli wanting on the Stark County ballot in November.

Of the four races, the SCPR thinks that only Tony Townsend (a Johnnie A. Maier, Jr. ally, so The Report thinks) has a worry.

For some reason Sarita Cunningham-Hedderly (Republican incumbent - Ward 1) is concerned about Daniel J. Brown, shown by BOE records to be a Democrat and, The Report, is told a political maverick Scott Graber ally qualifying as an independent in her Ward 1 election contest.

If anything, Brown should drain off a few votes from Democrat nominee Crabtree (also thought to be a Johnnie A. Maier, Jr. allied candidate) and perhaps ensure Cunningham-Hedderly's re-election.

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