Thursday, June 4, 2015


It appears that Bethlehem Township resident and Stark County political activist Thomas Marcelli has not gotten the message.

The election is over.

George T. Maier IS the elected sheriff of Stark County.

And now that he is Stark's top cop, he can do no wrong, no?

Not according to Marcelli who was perhaps Republican Larry Dordea's most active supporter in the 2014 election.

Marcelli wrote, wrote and wrote some more on the comments pages of various Stark County media about what a horrible candidate for sheriff Maier was.

Now, Marcelli complains and alleges that Maier was on May 24th involved in a "payback" scheme in concert with "a woman" presumably his spouse, to wit:

For Marcelli to complain is an interesting ironic twist on his own activist history in Stark County politics.

This is what The Repository's Kelli Young wrote, in part, on October 7, 2010 (Marcelli family duels in county auditor’s race) about Marcelli and his relationship with then Stark County Auditor Kim Perez:
The dispute between Thomas Marcelli and Perez dates to 2007 when Marcelli accused Perez, whose office reappraised all Stark County properties in 2006, of increasing his property taxes so high that he no longer can afford the property. A state appeals board ultimately upheld the property tax increase.
It was in 2008 during the public speaks portion of a county commissioners’ meeting when
Marcelli challenged Perez, who hadn’t attended the meeting, to a duel. (emphasis added)
So it seems to the SCPR that Sheriff George will give "the deep six" to the Marcelli complaint as an "all is fair in love, war and politics" caper.

Who is there to complain to anyway?

While the sheriff's website does provide for the filing of a Civilian Compliant form, there is no listing of who reviews a filed complaint, the process of and the disposition alternatives.

Since the overall process is not listed on the sheriff's website (clicking on the Civilian Complaint menu item brings up a blank copy of the form that Marcelli filed), The Report sent this e-mail to the sheriff's office:

Subject:  Direct me to the person in the sheriff's department who deals with civilian complaints

Martin Olson  Jun 3 at 12:05 PM

The Stark County Political Report has received a copy of a civilian complaint form filed with the sheriff's office.

Please direct me to (phone number/e-mail address) of the person within the department who processes civilian complaint forms.

Thank you,

Martin Olson
Stark County Political Report

The Report suspects that on the Civilian Complaints matter it George T. Maier himself is the final determiner of whether or not a complaint gets legs.

So the sheriff is going to determine the matter of a complaint against himself?

He's going to apologize to Marcelli for standing by and seemingly (at least from Marcelli's perspective) soaking in enjoyment as an photo thought to be an act of intimidation is being taken?


When is Hell going to freeze over?

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