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Much ado has been made between the candidates and their supporters as to whom is supporting whom from among Alliance's political elite, that is to say such persons as:
  • the Zumbar family,
  • the elected leadership of Alliance City Council,
  • retired city officials, and
  • candidates for office
in the upcoming face off between Republican Jennifer Arnold and Democrat Mark Whitaker on the 3rd of next month.

It appeared that there was going to be "a walk in the park" type election for Arnold who was appointed by the Stark County Republican Party Central Committee (Alliance members) to replace Republican Andrew Zumbar as law director (since 1996) as he to a place on the Alliance Municipal Court bench upon being elected in November, 2013 to replace retiring Republican judge Robert Lavery.

But that was before some Alliance Republicans took offense at a "personal" Facebook page published in an approximate time span covering January, 2014 through December, 2014.

And there is the matter of Whitaker having being subjected to disciplinary action at the hand of the Ohio Supreme Court in 1986.

Readers of this SCPR analysis of Arnold's and Whitaker's campaign finance (CFRs) would do well by themselves if they were to go to blogs published earlier this week on from, more or less, the perspective of each candidate as to why this race might be the most hotly contested on the Alliance election docket in this election cycle.

Here are the links:
In looking at the pre-primary, post-primary and pre-general (just filed on Thursday of this week with the Stark County Board of Elections) what follows is an extract from all the 2015 CFRs filed by Arnold and Whitaker as compiled by The Report on the "whom is supporting whom" fuss and feathers:



Of course there is more to supporting a candidate that donating dollars. 

But for purposes of this blog, campaign contributions are the focus.

Here are copies of the Thursday filed pre-general reports.



It appears Arnold clearly has the advantage with Alliance's most prominent Republicans.

However, a letter like this one appearing recently in the Alliance Review recently though not a monetary contribution is likely worth its weight on gold to the Whitaker campaign, to wit:

While Arnold has a significant edge in money to spend in the final days of this campaign, to wit:

The Reports that given the vitriol in this campaign that "balance on hand" is going to have much to do with the outcome of this election.

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