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The top part of the above graphic is, of course, an extract from yesterday's Canton Repository/Massillon Independent website.

The bottom part is a quote from a August 4, 2014 SCPR blog that appears to have materialized.

The Report figured former Democratic Massillon mayor and now political "independent" Frank Cicchinelli before the stunning news came out (yours truly was told about the firing a couple of days ago) to be the likely winner in a three person race between himself and incumbent Democrat mayor Kathy Catazaro-Perry (projected 2nd) and Republican Lee Brunckhart (projected 3rd) by a slim margin in the November 3, 2015 general election.

Moreover, yours truly held out the distinct possibility that Catazaro-Perry supported by - to use Shane Jackson's seeming favorite word - "crack" Johnnie A. Maier, Jr's Massillon Political Machine (MMPM) could still emerge at the winner.

The Dwan St. John firing revelation which occurred over a week ago by only disclosed publicly yesterday might well change the "slim" SCPR projected Cicchinelli margin to something more substantial.

How about:  "by a wide margin?"

"Dwan Gordon St. John now is the subject of a police investigation," according to newspaper report on Dwan's firing.


What a bombshell!!!  In the midst of and some 40 days until the final voting day:  November 3, 2015.

On Wednesday night in the course of the Brunckhart, Catazaro-Perry and Cicchinelli debate at the Lincoln Theater at 7:00 p.m., the St. John hiring/firing should be the first question and what needs to come out is:
  • when the administration first detected a problem with the Economic Development Department employee, and 
  • why did it take 8 days for the firing to leak out into the public?
Was there an attempt at a cover up?

Early voting started on this past Tuesday, October 6th.

To be fair, any entity of government can have the misfortune of having to fire someone and in the context of the dismissal have reason to refer the matter to law enforcement.

In other words, "stuff happens" to the best of government administrations and an event such as the St. John firing does not necessarily reflect on inadequacy on the part of the hiring authority (here, Mayor Kathy Catazaro-Perry) in making the hire in the first place.

But such may not be the case with Mayor Kathy.

There are perceptions among Massillonians/Stark Countians that the mayor failed to properly vet the Dwan St. John hiring on two different bases, to wit:
  • The hire was a politically driven hire that made a background check irrelevant as one Massillonian wrote the SCPR, to wit:
    • "Maybe, when Johnnie and Randy took the Board of Elections position away from him, they promised him [Dwan's husband Deametrious] something else."
    • And these excerpts from the August 4, 2014 blog [LINK], to wit:

  • And the "thou protesteth too much" factor in that at a July 14, 2014 Massillon City Council meeting in which various council members (chiefly Councilman-at-Large Milan Chovan) question the fiscal responsibleness and sustainability of the St. John hire and the outlandish Catazaro-Perry charge that council's inquiry was "racist and sexist" as seen in this video:
    • Mayor Kathy's outburst occurs at about the 10:20 mark of the following video:

And again an excerpt from the August 4, 2014 SCPR blog:

Top Catazaro-Perry administration official Safety Director Joel Smith is not saying what the subject matter of the Massillon Police Department investigation is.

Whatever it is, the SCPR thinks that Mayor Catazaro-Perry owns having hired St. John and now must live with the political fallout which may well mean that her chances of being re-elected mayor just went flushing down the drain.

In the video above, the mayor says "shame on you" Councilman Milan Chovan for questioning the St. John hire.

Actually, Chovan and other inquiring members of council were doing what they ought to have been doing in looking after the public interest.

The "shame on you" uttered by the mayor should have been directed to herself.

So its only "poetic justice" for her grandstanding of July 14, 2014 at city council to come back to haunt her in the month of October, 2015, no?

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