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Many of The Stark County Political Report's blogs have a tinge of political sarcasm scattered among its letters, words and headlines.

A little over a week ago, the SCPR honored The Repository's executive editor Rich Desrosiers with the first of The Report's full-blown satirical piece.

Here is a refresher of the definitions of satire/sarcasm for those who do not often run into such material.

But sarcasm is a little harsh, and, it gets missed by readers all too often.

I decided I needed to change my ways and go to a milder form of getting my point of view across in my blogs.

A master of satire is The New Yorker's Andy Borowitz.

He is my inspiration for doing political satire on local political and public figures.

So brace yourself Stark County elected officials and public figures.

You are about to become the stars of Stark County's only political satire outlet.

Here is a LINK to the first SCPR satirical blog>

Today, the cheer/LEADER(S) of/for the Pro Football Hall of Fame Village Project (HOFVP) with a very, very, very special nod to executive director—America's greatest visionary EVER—C. David Baker.

That descriptor came from our Make America Great Again—Greatest President EVER—Donald J. Trump.

His visit to the HOFVP on September 14, 2016 as presidential candidate Donald Trump was an omen that things were only going to get greater for the HOFVP, Canton and all of Stark County.

The Donald was absolutely thrilled to hear from the SCPR of this "in-the-works" blog (note:  a imaginary conversation).

He says he believes that the HOFVP is the greatest infrastructure ever undertaken in the land of "from sea to shining sea," bar none.

Might Trump borrow the HOFVP model as a model for his promised U.S. infrastructure rebuild?

Has to be tempting to him, one has to think.

However, there are those locals who say that pro football is in decline and heading for marginal existence, long term and the HOFVP will one day stand as a dinosaur skeletal remains.

The truth?  BIG, BIG time FAKE NEWS!

Professional football is "the cat's meow" for America's "hooked" on entertainment' devotees.  Pro football fascination continues to grow while professional baseball is fading.

The smasher/basher tackling, the slashing running, the artisan quarterbacking command the attention of thrill seeking Americans glued to the tube.

In the former glory days of American dominance, the heart and soul of the nation was industrial might which Canton and Stark County was part of.

But in this day and age folks, ENTERTAINMENT is the way to go. Every U.S. town needs a P.T. Barnum-esque character to distract us from our "real" everyday life cares, concerns and troubles, no?

The  visionary C. David Baker was brought in by local leadership seers to keep professional football in a growing mode.

So what if he has a troubled past.

That's what his detractors point to.

My God! folks, give it up!!!  That was some 30 years ago.

There is atonement, there is forgiveness, there is redemption and the Johnson Controls Hall of Fame Village "refuge" is the place of restoration for C. David Baker.

C. David Baker:  definitely an example of being "born again," no?

Pro football "alone" will do the job that yesteryear local captains of industry could not sustain of Canton and Stark County having a economic bulwark.

Industry has no sex appeal.

Entertainment at its base is glitzy, glitzy, glitzy in sex appeal and therefore is in a "the sky is the limit" mode in sustainability.

And a Entertainment economic base is cheap to staff.

High return on investment (ROI) on the backs of low-paid service workers?  What a terrific financial model, no?

And think of it, right here in the most deserving place sited in a nation that has welcomed hordes of immigrants who in turn made Canton, Ohio and the USA the greatest industrial juggernaut EVER.

After all, it is not every community that can call itself home to a past president who has had one America's great mountain named after him (even before he actually became president)  obviously as an attestation of him being one of our truly great leader destined to become one of our greatest presidents inasmuch as McKinley (err Denali/2015; renamed by Obama administration executive action—Go Figure, no?) is the HIGHEST mountain peak in the Greatest Nation ever to don the face of the earth.

"When they go low, we go high," to turn the Michelle Obama quote upside down in topic application.

Who can forget the gallantly successful effort of recently passed Stark County native Congressman Ralph Regula in 1975 staving off the re-naming of McKinley to Denali.
 Koyukon Athabaskans who inhabit the area around the mountain have for centuries referred to the peak as Dinale or Denali. The name is based on a Koyukon word for "high" or "tall"  (Source on history of Denali/McKinley:  Wikipedia article on Denali/McKinley
For the SCPR, that mountain will forever be Mount McKinley no matter Obama and his politically correct ways and compatriot leftist leaning activists.

Indeed, GREATNESS is undoubtedly in the genetic make up of Canton, Ohio.

And, therefore, it should surprise nobody that Baker should be brought to the Hall of Fame city which is on life support to do a Lazarus-esque resurrection on a very, very, very special type of infrastructure development.

Just what America needs, just what Ohio needs and for sure just what Canton and Stark County needs.

A gigantic entertainment complex that Baker, with his keen sense of appropriateness, likens to Disney World.

What a perspicacious human being!  Without parallel, no?

Sorry for the big word, but Baker is literally a big man and more importantly a man of really BIG ideas and drive all wrapped up in a humble spirit that can only be described a the GREATEST paradox of all time.

Yes, when Stark Countians scatter across the nation on vacation, visiting family and friends, on a business trip or whatever; when asked about their hometown, they are at the ready.

"CANTON, OHIO is where I'm from!  We have the MOST FABULOUS high school football stadium in the land."  Who else can brag about having a $150 million high school football stadium?

A true measure of greatness, no?

Canton/Stark County is the home of "the memories"of the famous and great.

McKinley (Stark's esteemed president), Brown (the greatest NFLer of all time) to name just a couple.

And one day in the wild blue yonder, our streets will be paved in gold.  A city foursquare that challenges Heaven itself.   What a joyous day that will be. We have David Baker to thank and thank him we will.  For locals will no longer refer to Canton by its official name.  Like the locals in the vicinity of that GREAT mountain in Alaska, we will call our home Bakerville.

"One more thing.  We owe all to the 'Bakerville Times' (err The Canton Repository) which locked arm-in-arm with Baker et al promoting the development of the HOFVP as "the official newspaper of the Pro Football Hall of Fame."

Just think about it.

Canton and Stark County saved from oblivion by the intense development of a mere 100 plus acres (about 1/2 square mile), more or less, in a town of about 25.5 square miles and a county of about 575 square miles

Its a miracle!

And it only cost $800 to 1 billion dollars in largely private sector funds.

A true testament to American Enterprise!

Leveraging at its best, no?

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