Wednesday, August 9, 2017


Nearly everybody is for funding emergency medical services aren't they?

Some 7.61% of North Cantonian "registered" voters overwhelmingly (81.74%) said so in yesterday's "special" election that likely will end up costing North Canton taxpayers in the neighborhood of $14,000 because North Canton City Council could not "timely" get its act together to get Issue 1 on November's general election ballot.

Council had to know that the turnout for a "special" election was going to be sparsely participated in.

But, then again, North Canton council is not exactly a venue in which democratic-republican values seem to be highly prized.

In yesterday's blog, The Stark County Political Report published an e-mail sent out by North Canton activist Chuck Osborne saying he was voting "no" and thereby urging his fellow North Cantons to follow suit.

Today, Osborne has to be questioning his judgment in taking his all-consuming fight about nearly everything anti-North Canton Council and North Canton mayor into an anti-public-safety issue.
Note:  Osborne has written me to the effect that he disagrees with my characterization of him having an "all-consuming fight about nearly everything anti-North Canton Council and North Canton mayor" even to the extent of opposing the public safety Issue 1.
No surprise there to me, who expected anything else?   Apparently, he thinks he always makes the right call?
He tried to make Issue 1 into a fiscally-irresponsible-council issue, but North Canton's voters were not buying that tactic.

He scored a success back in the November, 2012 general election when some 78% of North Canton 75% of registered voters voting agreed with him that North Canton's part-time council members with alternative sources for health care coverage should not be provided such by North Canton taxpayers.

North Canton council showed very poor judgment for ignoring the "will of the people" on this vote.

Eventually, council members did see the light and wipe political egg off their collective faces in implementing legislation mirroring the "will of the people."

As pointed out in yesterday's blog, it appears that some if not all of North Canton's elective government positions (plus some of its un-elected [e.g. Law Director Tim Fox]) like nothing better than to smear the highly active Osborne and to question his credibility.

And he plays right into their hands on a "for the public safety issue?"


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