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HAGAN $161,800
GONZALEZ $626,774


PATTON $278,351

When President Donald J. Trump was in Stark County on August 8, 2016 on a fundraising barnstorming trip, local media (except The Stark County Political Report) ballyhooed a connection between Christina Hagan (Republican state representative, 50th Ohio House District) and Trump daughter Ivanka, who, along with husband Jarold Kushner are, in addition to being immediate family, key Trump campaign and White House advisors.

Trump sensing a goldmine of support among Stark County's blue collar crowd, returned in September for a campaign rally.

At the September event,  local elected Republicans including Christina Hagan, appeared front and center on dais behind him—which was in effect—was a "for the nation to see" photo op of their support for the now beleaguered president.

Now is the time if ever there was for Hagan to "call in the chips" for her "before elected" support of Donald J. Trump.

Apparently, buoyed her newfound political connection and local stardom announced this Spring that she was abandoning her 50th Ohio House seat (for which she was eligible to one more time to run for before being term limited out) to take advantage of an opportunity presented by current Ohio16th District U.S. Congressman Jim Renacci's decision (also a "hook, line and sinker' supporter of Trump) to run for governor of Ohio.

Hagan absolutely did the smart political thing.

She jumped into the race in March, 2017 and thereby got the early "earned media" advantage and EMILY money (EMILY=Early Money is Like Yeast) on any other Republican who had aspirations to replace Renacci.

Hagan also understands that the ability to raise campaign funds is the lifeblood of any political office seeking endeavor.

Consequently, she was "off and running."

Yes, $1.5 million is what Hagan was telling local Republicans that she would be raising in her run for the 16th.

If you think $1.5 was "off-the-charts-of-normal-expectation," perhaps, in seemingly adopting the president's braggadocio style, the SCPR is told that for the November, 2018 general election she plans on raising $15/16 million.

Well, it appears that the Hagan ambition is a case of "the best laid plans of mice and men" going awry," no?

Look at this graphic from yesterday's Federal Election Commission (FEC) fundraising through September 30, 2017:

Despite getting out in front in announcing, Hagan can do no better than third in the field (so far) of five Republicans who have declared with the FEC.

In the most recent quarter, Hagan raised less than $35,000.

It is pretty obvious that former Ohio State Buckeye football star and professional football player Anthony Gonzalez is likely on track to become the GOP nominee 16th District congressional candidate come May 9, 2018.

A Cleveland.com report shows an impressive list of contributors to Gonzalez in terms of the contributors notoriety/celebrity status, to wit:

  • Richard Smucker, CEO of J.M. Smucker Co., $5,400
  • Invacare Chairman Mal Mixon and his wife, Barbara, $5,400 each
  • Frank Sullivan, chairman of RPM International, and his wife, Barbara, each giving $5,000
  • Matthew Crawford, president of Park Ohio, $5,400
  • Peyton Manning, $5,400
  • Kirk Barton, an OSU offensive lineman who went on to join the Chicago Bears, Miami Dolphins, San Francisco 49ers, Cincinnati Bengals, Detroit Lions and Denver Broncos, $3,000
  • Bobby Carpenter, an OSU linebacker who went on to play for the Dallas Cowboys, Detroit Lions, Miami Dolphins and New England Patriots,  $1,000. 
  • Jimmy Haslam, owner of the Cleveland Browns, and his wife, Dee, $2,700 each.
  • A.J. Hawk, a two-time All-American at OSU who went on to play for the Green Bay Packers, $1,000. 
  • Gene Smith, the OSU athletic director, $2,500.
  • LeCharles Bentley, a Pro Bowl center who played for OSU and the New England Patriots $1,000 (emphasis added)

State Representative Thomas F. Patton makes much more sense in running for the 16th District seat because he is term limited out of the Ohio House of Representatives come January 2, 2018

And so far, Patton has pretty much doubled Hagan's fundraising.

Should there be something in Gonzalez's past that the public does not know about and ultimately he fails as a candidate for the Republican nomination, it is much more likely that Patton is a viable second option than Stark Countian but-lives-outside-the district Christina Hagan capturing the GOP nomination.

For the SCPR's money, it appears to be Gonzalez "hands down" to become the GOP nominee and next likely the likely congressperson for the the 16th District.

The district includes parts of Stark County with a special spur down to the Timken complex in the heart of Canton.

Now is political gut check time for the Hagan campaign.

If she truly has an in with the Trumps, it is time to "call in the chips."

For one more quarter of a Gonzalez/Hagan fundraising gap is likely going to be "game over" for Christina Hagan.

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