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June 19, 2018 is a day for those of us who cherish "political independence" to celebrate.

Noted and accomplished Republican national political strategist Steve Schmidt announced that he was realigning from being a registered Republican to being a political "independent."

For Stark Countians, watershed political dates are May 4/5, 2015.  On May 4 (registration i.d. change) and May 5   that then "Democrat" Stark County commissioner Thomas M. Bernabei boldly tromped to the Stark County Board of Elections to file as an "independent" candidate for mayor of Canton.

For Schmidt,  the compelling event prompting his move out of the Republican Party was the Donald J. Trump recently employed practice of separating "south of the border" immigrant parents and children.

The SCPR endorses this thought by Brent Larkin of the Cleveland Plain Dealer (LINK to overall editorial) with regard to statewide Republican candidates this fall, to wit:
Voters should demand an answer to that question from every Republican candidate on the Nov. 6 ballot - especially Attorney General Mike DeWine and the entire GOP ticket for statewide office.     
In his heart, DeWine, the Republican nominee for governor and a man with some fine qualities, surely knows Trump is an unfit sociopath. But it's not good enough for DeWine to keep details of his thoughts about Trump to himself.  
Stark County commissioner Janet Weir Creighton and Stark County treasurer are local officials involved in the DeWine campaign.  They should urge DeWine to break his silence.

Moreover, all Stark County Republican Party leaders (elected and unelected) should be following the Schmidt lead and disassociating themselves from the debauched leadership of Donald J. Trump!

The SCPR thinks it is perfectly okay for them to remain Republicans.

But regarding local GOP leaders:  silence is deafening, no?

The SCPR predicts that none have the political courage and moxie to denounce Trump's departure from the over 100 years of Republican community/family building core values.

For Bernabei, it was a local media airing of a vacuous debate between Democratic mayoralty candidates Kim Perez, (LINK to SCPR blog on reasons for Bernabei decision),  and
  • a "nth degree loyalist" Democrat, so the SCPR thinks, who began years ago was a Canton ward councilman to become Canton auditor, Stark County auditor and now serves as the elected Canton city treasurer,
William J. Healy, II running as a two term (eight years in office) incumbent mayor for another four years which the SCPR believes would have resulted, if re-elected, to Canton beIting so deep in a hole that it would never, ever would be able to dig itself out of.

As Schmidt points out in abandoning the Republican Party and Bernabei the Democratic Party, the parties' leadership have not/did not function in an accountable manner so as to correct "run amok" elected leadership and consequently the only responsible thing for them (i.e. Schmidt and Bernabei) has been to separate themselves from partisans who stand by and do nothing as foot soldiers and blind adherents to "organized" political parties.

It appears that way too many day-in, day out Republicans are "all-in" with a lying, scheming and totally self-serving president.

Just as Donald J. Trump has been all about Donald J. Trump, The Stark County Political Report, since about one year into the first term of his mayoralty (2008), has written prolifically that Healy's self-serving ways would prove to be a continuing drag-down-to-the-bottom for Canton government that began decades ago.
Examples of early on SCPR blogging about Healy include:

Ironic no? that Bernabei gets his comeuppance in November, 2015!

Of course, Bernabei does not look at his contesting Healy as being some sort of personal vindication.

At his age and on his quality service as a public official in multiple roles and his financial independence, he did not need to take on the hassle of being besieged by "party interest over community well-being" partisan Democrats.

Trump is and Healy was (as mayor of Canton) who they are.  Very obvious to most of us that they serve/served as egotists of the first order.

But how about the larger partisan-aligned body politic "looking the other way" and or "making excuses" for unacceptable leadership deficiencies of leaders who share political party identity?

In Canton's case look at this line up of Canton Democratic officials who lined up behind Healy.


The Stark County Political Report has no problem with those who want to stand front and center as identified Republicans and Democrats who openly support their respective candidates for public office AS LONG AS they demonstrate they are just as committed to calling those candidates/officials out when they go awry.

Such is called "responsible citizenship."

Steve Schmidt and Thomas Bernabei have shown citizen responsibility.

They are examples to be followed.

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