Friday, September 26, 2008


Stark County voters just have to looooove Commissioner Tom Harmon!

Anyone who would risk life and limb (close, even if he is strapped to a veteran skydiver) for a charity (the Susan G. Konen foundation) has to be a person of the highest character.

That's all voters need to know in deciding to vote for in Democrat Harmon's race against Republican Travis Secrest.

Harmon's sense of timing is superb in pulling off this stunt.

If one were to raise money for a charity, shouldn't it be timed to get maximum publicity and therefore a high number of potential donors?

Yes, indeed.

Let's see, what do you suppose would come rushing into Harmon's mind as an event to focus on as a tie-in?

Of course! The fast approaching election in which the charitable minded person is a candidate, and, just to make sure the voting public doesn't miss the subliminal? message, find a nice big farm to dive on to.

Who has such a farm? Aw shucks, what luck. Harmon's fellow commissioner and Stark County politician Todd Bosley has a "made to order" landing site. And, "Lord have mercy," Bosley just happens to be having a political fundraiser the day of the jump. What a co-incidence?

Isn't this the best of all worlds?

When you are a throughly good human being, all else is irrelevant?

Doesn't a consummately good person deserve to have all the stars aligned?

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