Saturday, September 13, 2008


From a Repository story on Friday:
To get in the door, (emphasis added) attendees have to donate or raise at least $2,500 for the Republican National Committee and state Republican organizations. Those who want to have their picture taken with Palin will have to pony up $10,000. A chat with Palin at a private reception before the main event will run $25,000.
Undoubtedly, there are 180 to 225 "well-heeled" women in Stark County, who have cash to hand over to this PooBah Republican event - will be there.

But where will they be coming from? Congress Lake, Glenmoor, Brookside and the like. That's where they are coming from.

Stark County's Republican Party leadership are proving, in hosting and HEADLINING this type event, how utterly removed they are from everyday Stark County women.

Are Brown, Matthews and Timken so much into the "let them eat cake crowd," that they are oblivious to the everyday, workaday world of the overwhelming majority of Stark County women.

It would be one thing to squirrel this event off in a corner of a society page somewhere. But to flaunt Republican excess in hard national, Ohio and Stark County economic times is quite another.

No wonder why Democrats control most of Stark County's major offices.

But there is a qualifier to this critique of local Republican leadership.

The same standard applies to Democrats. Democrat Canton City Council president Allen Schulman has been known to host "big hitter" events for the Democrats. Democrats are supposed to be the "party of the people." Democrats headlining and hosting Republican and Palin-esque events put the claim of being for everyday citizens in great dispute.

When "everydays" see the celebration of these high-priced, gaudy political events; they are reminded of the "two-Americas" contrast that has been made in this 2008 presidential election cycle.

Don't Sarah Brown, Jeff Matthews, Ward "Timmy" Timken, Jr., Allen Schulman and those who have the financial resources to buy tickets to the Palin event live in a different America from the rest of us?

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Anonymous said...

Hey it's not their fault they are get over it!! Both parties are run and funded by elites!!