Monday, September 29, 2008


On what issue do the candidates for the Ohio House (50th) decide to duel with the Ohio and Stark County economy sinking by the day?

On guns.

Yes, folks, guns and who is truer to the 2nd Amendment.

On Friday yours truly was watching TV and what should come up? A TV ad by the DeHoff campaign (on cable).

What was almost all the ad devoted to?


This is really a very strange choice by DeHoff. Running as a Democrat, she is not likely to get a lot of support from the "gun people" even if she convinces them she is just as friendly to gun owners as the Republican Snitchler.

Why would she make this choice?

Probably because her political mentor/chief sponsor and Stark County Democratic Party chair Johnnie A. Maier, Jr. seemed to be most proud of his relationship with the NRA (National Rifle Association) as a sort of political coup-d'etat when he was state rep. in the old 56th House District.

If DeHoff is fortunate and voters are looking for a Democrat to vote for even in a gerrymandered Republican district; gun rights support is not going to be the difference maker.

The difference maker could be having a better plan for bringing jobs to Ohio and Stark County. DeHoff has a golden opportunity in this district because Snitchler is married to a political party and economic adviser (the chambers of commerce) which have failed Ohio and our county miserably over the last 20 years.

Snitchler's own website is a glaring indictment of how out-of-touch with political and economic realities. Look at this:
Core Beliefs

Todd has a detailed plan to help the 50th District and improve Ohio. These three core beliefs are the foundation of every position he has taken.
  • Government should run like a business and be efficient, competitive, and responsive to its customers.
  • Lower taxes and less regulation of business will serve to improve the overall economic climate in Ohio and spur development.
  • Government involvement in the lives of individuals should be minimized as much as possible. Individuals and families should also be accountable for their actions. (emphasis added)
Huh? Is Snitchler watching the news these days? Wall Street abuses? Examples of businesses that have been efficient, competitive and responsive? Taxpayers bailing out investment houses and banks to the tune of $700 billion and these are "efficient, competitive and responsive" businesses? Individuals being threatened with losing their retirement savings because of improvident business practices? Has Snitchler been hearing all this?

But you know what. Snitchler probably will get away with his pollyanish/rosy/naive view of business.


Because the DeHoff campaign is trying to out-Republican the Republican candidate.

Question: Do 50th House District have a choice? Or, is it six of one and half a dozen of another?

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