Friday, April 10, 2009


A consultant, heh? That's Tom Harmon's "backdoor" way of rehiring Mike Armogida (Stark County sanitary engineer until April 30, 2009). (Reference: Commissioners debate new supervisor of county sanitary engineering department, The Rep, 04/08/2009)

Why doesn't Harmon just go to law school and get his law license or declare himself to be an agent so he can upfront negotiate with the county on behalf of his political favorites?

Harmon is a likable guy (he has a schmoozy, smooth, urbane personality), but seems to have no sense whatsoever of appropriately distancing himself from his friends when it comes to the county's business.

Harmon has been part of political wheeling and dealing so long that he has forgotten that there is another way to do the public's business.

Remember how he told everybody how Randy Gonzales was "his best friend" before voting Gonzales way on the Canton/Jackson annexation. How can one possibly vote "no" on an issue that is "near and dear" to his best friend. Has Harmon ever heard of abstaining?

Is Armogida another "best friend?" It is unreal how intent Harmon is to land Armogida the "consultants" job even in the face of Mike Rehfus saying: "... there’s a lot of good people that use (sic) to run sanitary departments and now work for consulting firms ... ."

This is a comment that Harmon posted in The Rep on Armogida:
Mr. Armogida earns (including benefits) $145,000 per year. Engineer Rehfus proposed hiring a consultant for a maximum amount of $85,000 annually. Mike Armogida is a professional engineer that directed the 4th largest metropolitan sewer district in Ohio that happens to have the lowest user rate of $22.00 per month per household , also the lowest rate in Ohio. I think it benefits Stark County to take advantage of his 32 years of experience while saving OUR money. Excluding him from bidding on the proposed contract would be discriminatory and irresponsible.

Tom Harmon, Stark County Commissioner
Never mind that before what seems to be Harmon's backdoor move to rehire Armogida, Mike Rehfus has said that he will not rehire someone who takes a retirement buyout.

The STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report/SCPR) wonders what discussions have taken place between Commissioner Harmon (at Harmon's initiative), Mike Armiogida and Mike Rehfus before the most recent commissioners' meeting. This whole scenario is way to well planned to have just sprung up serendipitously.

The Report believes that Mike Refus would be happiest if one of the "lot of good people" would get the consultants job.

It is obvious to The Report that Harmon has a "hidden" agenda for wanting to hire Armogida and has enlisted the support of his acolyte commissioner Pete Ferguson to pull it off.

Do we need to remind Commissioner Harmon that these are public jobs that should be open to whom?

How many other best friends will Commissioner Tom Harmon be fronting for down the road?

Harmon's conduct as commissioner really makes one want to go out a vote "no" on the repeal the 1/2% sales/tax issue, if it comes up in November; doesn't it?

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