Friday, April 3, 2009


A "helter-skelter" type of thinking when writing an editorial?

Well, maybe not "helter-skelter," but "would you believe" (a la Maxwell Smart "out-of-sync." thinking?

Yes, "out-of-sync." That's it.

Whomever on The Rep's Editorial Board wrote (on April 1st - "April fools day?) Interest in state probe will be keen was stretching it quite a bit to link the theft allegation probe to a possible ballot initiative to repeal the sales/tax increase imposed by Stark County commissioners to support a reconfiguration of Stark's fragmented 9-1-1 system into a an efficient/effective countywide system.

The Repository made link:
An investigation of possible theft in the Stark County treasurer’s office might well fuel interest in the petition drive to repeal county commissioners’ imposition of a 0.5 percent sales tax, even though there’s no connection. (emphasis added)
This is weird. So says the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report/SCPR)

Weird or not, the link is now made.

Then, get this line:
For the sake of beneficiaries of the tax, including Stark Countians who will be helped by consolidation of the 911 dispatch centers, we hope the investigation wraps up before any vote on the sales tax comes to pass.
If the repeal issue makes it to the ballot and is passed, The Rep's Editorial Board, with this editorial, bears a large share of the blame.

If you are for the sales/use tax imposition, why would you tortuously put together an apples and oranges example of thinking.

The only thing that The Report can say about this editorial and its bizarre linkage is that the writer's only consolation is that he/she merely beat the petition circulating group to the punch.

The Report, who supports the Bosley initiative, fully expected disjointed connections to be made by the repeal's proponents.

But a Repository editor? Wow!

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