Thursday, April 2, 2009


Yesterday, the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report/SCPR) was as the Stark County commissioners weekly meeting when a press colleague received a text message that Kyle Devies (former computer technical employee of the Marlboro Township trustees) and his dad, Ron Devies, (current township police chief, but on paid administrative leave) were in court.

As it turns out the Devies were indeed in court through their respective attorneys while the Devies cooled their heal downstairs.

What was going on?

Several things.

First, the Devies' attorneys were getting discovery from the Stark County prosecutor's office.

Secondly, they were getting a trial date.

What's the trial date?

April 27, 2009 (unless it is changed as they are proned to do for many judges).

But probably not with Judge V. Lee Sinclair.

The Report has known Lee since the days yours truly and Sinclair (as a partner in Ammerman, Burt) practiced law in Stark County Domestic Relations/Juvenile Court before the likes of Judge W. Don Reader and Judge J.R. Milligan.

You see, Judge Sinclair is known as "the rocket docket judge." On talking with Judge Sinclair's baliff this morning (Larry Leslie), The Report learned that Cleveland attorneys appearing before the judge come away "shocked" when given trial dates. For in Cleveland, it can take two or three years for a trial date to roll around.

Not only Sinclair, but all Stark County judges push to move trials along. No offense to the other Stark judges, but Sinclair "stands heads and shoulders" in moving cases along.

Remember, "justice delayed, is justice denied."

While The Report is impressed with Starks common pleas bench, the same cannot be said for Sheriff Tim Swanson and Prosecutor John Ferrero.

Between the two of them and "their processes," it took "a month of Sundays" to get this matter to court where the Devies will have an opportunity to clear their names.

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