Sunday, March 28, 2010


It is beginning to appear that Republican Alan Harold cannot figure out who his November, 2010 opponent is.

According to Stark Board of Elections records, his opponent is Auditor Kim Perez (Democrat).

However, from reports that the SCPR is getting, Harold seems to be acting like his opponent is Democrat Stark County Commissioner Pete Ferguson.

As The Report understands a recent description of a Harold confrontation of Ferguson, Harold was taking Ferguson to task for a meeting of Stark County's elected officials to discuss the Stark County budget crisis.

The Report's source says that Harold was unhappy with Ferguson for somehow being involved in the call for the meeting and having not complied with the Ohio Sunshine law in terms of providing the notices required by the law.

The point of this blog is not concerning Harold's correctness or incorrectness on his complaint.  Rather it is whether or not Harold understands that he is in a uphill battle to unseat Perez who is a proven vote Stark County vote getter and that he (Harold) ought to be focusing on that race and leave it to others to pursue the Sunshine law question.

Maybe Harold knows something about the auditor race that the SCPR doesn't.  The Report's take right now is that it would be a huge upset if Harold were to defeat Perez in November.

It would be interesting to know Harold's rationale for getting embroiled with Ferguson on the Sunshine law matter.  

The Stark County GOP leadership ought to be taking note of the Harold distraction.  For if it continues, whatever chance Harold may appear to have against Perez will fast evaporate.

Does someone from Stark GOP headquarters need to get auditor candidate Alan Harold re-focused?

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