Friday, March 19, 2010


Apparently, the extreme right wing of the political spectrum (the SCPR won't say the Republican Party because The Report does not believe that most Republicans support the tactics of the 9-12/teaparty groups) has gotten the word that Congressman John Boccieri is about to support the President's health care initiative in a congressional vote this coming Sunday.

The Report got e-mailed the above flyer (in an unedited format) a day or two ago.  Yours truly has never had much use for the 9-12/teabagger movement and the flyer tells one and all why these organizations are not credible politically active organizations.

So let me get this right?

If Boccieri votes yes on health care reform, he's a traitor?

But if he votes no, he is a patriot?

Most Stark Countians and voters in the 16th congressional district eschew these kinds of tactics.  And so should Congressman Boccieri.

The SCPR views the rhetoric, the tactics and the strategy of these groups to be the equivalent of the John Birch Society of yore.  As an aside, reports have surfaced in the general media about the possible resurgence of the John Birch Society.  If so, the Society will no longer be out there in the fringe alone, it has company with the 9-12/teabagger movements.

Opposition/pressure from these extremists on Boccieri, should tell the congressman all he needs to know about how he should vote.

The SCPR challenges Boccieri to vote yes on the proposed legislation.

On what basis?

First, it is the right thing to do.  Health care insurance companies need to be reined in.  Well known for their arbitrary, excessive-premium-hiking ways to price "undesirables" off its insurance rolls and to deny, deny and deny even more on pre-existing conditions on the absolutely critical need of a human being for healthcare insurance.  They are completely out-of-control and need to be managed by the people of this great nation.

Second, Congressional Budget Office (CBO) figures published yesterday show that passing the current health care initiative will be a federal deficit reducer.

Third, as a Democrat, if Boccieri and enough of his Democratic colleagues vote to scuttle the President's initiative, then he has participated in creating a slippery slope which will likely make him, his colleagues, and the Democratic majority as well as the President "lame ducks" who cannot formulate and pass legislative measures that they think will help the country.

Those are the reasons why the Stark County Political Report urges Congressman John Boccieri to vote YES on health care reform!


mary said...

Watch out Martin, I called them "teabaggers" in one of my comments on the Rep, and you would have thought I called for the castration of all males in Stark County.

I got accused of everything from, being a 'freeloader', a 'whiner' and a 'racist', and also was accused of having an affair with Don Cirelli because he defended my use of the word 'teabagger'. Actually, I didn't know what the term meant, where it came from or what it insinuated. I remember when they were calling themselves teabaggers.

What a bunch of sore losers Republicans are. They'll defame their mamma, if she happens to agree with a Democrat.

I apologized for the word, thinking I had committed a cardinal sin. Now that I think of it, and know what it means, I think the term is too good for them.

Stephen said...


I was going to point out that you may want to check out a popular "urban dictionary" website to see what "teabaggers" has meant in the past. I would not have known, except I heard the word used in a movie once and I thought it made no sense. I looked it up (before the tea party movement began) and the only definition then was a sexual definition.

I think that Boccieri has had extreme pressure from extremists on both sides of the isle. As usual, I find myself not agreeing 100% with either party, I think that the truth lies somewhere in the middle. I, however, do think that we should not allow our legislators to fall back on "procedures" to avoid the standard legislative process. Using reconciliation for the health care bill is shady at best. We were promised the most transparent and accountable Congress ever, and it seems that we have more of what we have come to expect from career Washington politicians.