Thursday, March 4, 2010


A flurry of activity is going on these days at Canton City Hall.

Apparently, it is dawning on Mayor Healy that the end of his immediate political career is on the horizon.

He is scrambling to salvage whatever chance he has to remain mayor of Canton for the term beginning on January 1, 2012.

In a little over a year, the Democratic primary election will be well under way and Cantonians will be on the cusp of selecting a new mayor.  Chances are, the selection will not be the re-election of William J. Healy, II.  His only chance is that so many Canton Democrats will seize the opportunity that Healy  miraculously squeaks by.

For Cantonians, May 3, 2011 could be a "red-letter" day.  If Healy is defeated, then - at least - hope may make a reappearance. Now there is none.

Healy has shot himself in the foot so many times (Bernabei, Nesbitt, the Canton firefighters and this thing and that thing) in the first two plus years of his administration, that Cantonians giving him "four more years" as mayor seems to be vanishing incrementally in the march up to next year's primary.

With the planned diversion of most of Canton's street resurfacing money towards filling the $1.9 million  city budget deficit in mind, fast-forward to next spring - right before the primary.  As Canton voters drive the no-money-to-repair-pot-hole-riven streets of the Hall of Fame city; think they will be thinking positive thoughts about Mayor Healy and about re-electing him mayor?

Make no mistake about it, the Democratic primary will be the final word on who will be the next mayor of Canton.  Even with the shambles that Canton is in with Democratic leadership at the helm. a new generation of Canton Republicans is not seasoned enough to make a meaningful challenge for the mayoralty.

The Adam Herman (Healy's communications director) departure signals to the SCPR that Healy may be throwing in the towel.  However, there will be fits and starts that indicate that the Mayor is struggling to survive into a second term.

The Report is being told that the vultures are already flying around the Healy administration enclave looking to scoop up the green that remains after Herman's departure. 

Now we are getting the word that the Healy administration is dipping into its capital funds to balance its operations budget.  Hmm?

Not a wise move.

But, then again, "making wise moves," is not a Healy strong suit.

He's a guy who is just trying to get from day-to-day.

Cantonians need to buckle up.  It will be a rough ride in Canton for the foreseeable future.  Even if, come January 1, 2012 there is a new mayor in place; change and progress will take time.

What should be the mantra in Canton these days?

Keep hope alive!  That's all there is to do!!!

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