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APRIL 21, 2015

You can be sure there is no love lost between former Sheriff Tim Swanson and current Sheriff George T. Maier.

Especially since Swanson is trying to get into Maier's personal assets pocket.

  • SCPR Note:  Sitting by assignment, Judge Linton Lewis, Jr found on November 17, 2014 that it would be "unfair" for Swanson to be paid for February through November period and accordingly found against Swanson whereupon an appeals was filed with the 5DCOA.

Since February, 2013 Swanson in sync with Stark County prosecutor has put Maier through political and legal Hell in Maier's quest to become Stark County sheriff as the replacement for former Swanson confidant Mike McDonald who though elected in November, 2012 was unable to take office on January 7, 2013 due to an illness that ultimately and tragically cost him his life late in February of 2013.

Playing the role of the pompous guy the SCPR thinks he is, Maier guaranteed Stark Countians in January, 2013 that he was qualified to be sheriff or he wouldn't ask Stark County Democrats to appoint him sheriff.

Well, on November 6, 2013, the words of guarantee turned to out to be a lot of hot air inasmuch as the Ohio Supreme Court in bouncing Maier out of office said that Swanson and Ferrero were correct on February 5, 2013 when they told members of the Stark County Democratic Party Central Committee that Maier was not qualified.

Through many twists and turns, Maier, of course, has become Stark County sheriff.

But his challengers persist in one medium or another.

And in less than two years he has to stand for re-election.

Under these circumstances, one has to wonder how this guy in who is in his mid to upper 50s maintains his jet black hair, no?

Pretty soon some SCPR readers may break out in former Texas governor Anne Richard's mantra of "Poor George."

But make no mistake about it, George T. Maier gives as good as he gets.

He and his brother Johnnie A. Maier, Jr who is a former Stark County Democratic Party chairman (ironically enough, succeeding John Ferrero) are about as accomplished as anyone can get at "smash mouth," "let's get personal" politics.

It's not likely that you will be seeing this kind of photo of Maier, Jr. and former Sheriff Swanson being replicated anytime soon.

So it was no surprise yesterday as yours truly watched on in preparing the SCPR "handy cam"
  • to record oral arguments in the continuing saga of Swanson's continuing to dog Maier in pursuing a lawsuit to get paid for the period February 5, 2013 through November 6, 2013 that the Ohio Supreme Court has held Swanson was entitled to be sheriff.
that upon being greeted by Swanson attorney Craig Conley that Maier would snub him.

Never mind that Maier is a Stark County elected official supported by Conley's taxes as part of the overall scheme of Stark County taxation which provides wages to Stark County officials who therefore, the SCPR believes, are entitled to civility even in the face of political and/or legal differences.

But don't count on public officials George and Johnnie, Jr (the Massillon clerk of courts) to think they have an obligation to treat those with whom they differ respectfully.

George has singled out yours truly for disparate media access a number of times because the SCPR doesn't fawn over him as some Stark County media types do.

What the SCPR thinks was a Maier snub yesterday is in line with a side of George T. Maier that The Report thinks demonstrates he does not have the appropriate temperament and disposition when faced with disagreement to maturely deal with those differing with him.

It is not unheard of for parties to a 5DCOA appeal to appear (as Maier did yesterday) at appellate proceedings but is unusual.

What is more unusual is what appears to the SCPR for him to have had one of his deputies milling around the courtroom.

The SCPR has been in the 5DCOA before and does not recall the court having a deputy present just to have a deputy present as in other courts where things can get more than a bit testy.

Hmm?  A deputy has the the time to spending in a courtroom at taxpayer expense?

It could be a case of mistaken identity, but the SCPR thinks that the deputy who was present was one of Maier's top officers who heads up one of the sheriff's departments major divisions.

There seems to be a pattern with Maier that in his capacity as sheriff he can't go anywhere without having a sheriff's department employee or two or three with him.

The possibility that Swanson will ultimately prevail has to have George T. Maier excited big time.

For if Swanson through legal counsel Craig T. Conley (a man that Conley once called "a horse's behind" in a November, 2009 Stark County commissioners' regular meeting session) convinces the Fifth District Court of Appeals (5DCOA) to reverse the trial court in its finding that Swanson failed to establish his claim (which the SCPR thinks is highly possible), then George T. Maier will have to pay Swanson somewhere in the neighborhood $90,000.

If the 5DCOA does reverse, Maier would have an opportunity to appeal to the Ohio Supreme Court, a place he could call home given the number of times or his political/legal interests have been before the high court.

But the chances of getting before Ohio's Supreme 7 (the number of justices) is not of the direct route variety of prior Maier appearances.

So, it appears that the 5DCOA proceeding results likely will be "the end of the road" on the seemingly endless litigation that George T. Maier has had come his way.

Here is the exclusive Stark County Political Report video of yesterday's oral argument before Ohio's Fifth District Court of Appeals which covers 15 northeast Ohio counties but which hears most of its arguments in Canton:

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