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How to tell who is a bedrock political party supporter?

How about:  Follow the $?

As only The Stark County Political Report will do, this blog analysis who "the big hitters" are in terms of their contributions to local political party support.

Using the pre-primary (April 23, 2015) data supplied by the Stark County Board of Elections (Travis Secrest) on the SCPR's request, The Report analyzed both the Stark GOP and Stark Dems contributions to baseline organizations.



Notice that Stark County Court of Common Pleas Dixie Park's spouse John is one of the more reliable Stark County Republican Party causes supporters.

The SCPR finds his place on "the most committed" list to be consistent with an oft repeated phrase among organization Republicans that "so-and-so-candidate" has the financial ability to "Parkize" an opponent.

And that goes to a perception among Stark County organized and elected official Republicans that if Dixie is in a race she is in it to win and that husband John (a prominent Stark County medical doctor) will spend way more than what most politicos think necessary to ensure a win.

As readers of the SCPR know, The Report thinks Dixie (as documented in prior blogs, with more to come) is an embarrassment to Stark County's judiciary and to the citizens of Stark County.

But there is no denying that having loads of money to campaign with cures lots of what otherwise be fatal political/governance defects.

Surprising on the "committed list" is Republican Stark County commissioner Janet Creighton.

The SCPR thinks she is "the face of the Stark County Republican Party.  And yet she is at the bottom of "the [financial] commitment list published above.

Of course today's listing is only part of the evidence that one should rely on in making a "commitment determination" Republican or Democratic.

Also to be factored in is the scope and degree of contributions to party candidates and the mentoring that one provides to new party activists.

The SCPR thinks Creighton is particularly strong in the mentoring area.


No disrespect here.  For these folks are "the heart and soul" of any political organization.

There are a few surprising names in terms of who is not on the list.

How about "among the missing" being:
  • Stark GOP chair Jeff Matthews, 
  • the Republican Board of Election members Curt Braden (a former chairman) and William Cline,
  • Republican judicial appointee (two times) Curtis Werren,
  • County Auditor Alan Harold, and
  • County Treasurer Alex Zumbar
Surprising in the "low level of support" are North Canton councilpersons Stephanie Snow Werren (the judge's wife) and Marcia Kiesling.

Could it be that Kiesling thinks she more than makes up for "the low level of [financial] support" in helping Republicans get appointed positions in North Canton government?

Sad to see that former Minerva councilman and SCPR celebrity Phil Davison is not on the list.

Davis who when viral on the Internet with his speech back in September, 2012 in quest to be the Stark's nominee for Stark County treasurer in the November, 2012 election, has often been spotted by the SCPR on Stark GOP candidate lists as being a contributor.

But he is missing from theses lists any more, it seems.

Small contributions to be sure.

But as any candidate for office will tell you; they are appreciated, treasured and in combination with other small contributors can be a difference maker.




The Dems' Stark County Board of Elections (BOE) appointees William Sherer, II (a Ironworkers #550 honcho) and Sam Ferruccio (a local attorney) a far and away "the top guns" for Stark Democratic Party elite contributors.

One has to wonder if a condition of their being appointed to the BOE is an understanding that they will contribute back to the party's prime organization; namely, the Stark County Democratic Party Executive Committee which makes the appointments in the first place.


Glaring MIAs (missing in action) for the Dems include:
  • former Stark Democratic Party chairs
    • Johnnie A. Maier, Jr,
    • John Ferrero and 
  • Sheriff George T. Maier, and
  • Kody Gonzalez (a recipient of the top job in the offices of Recorder Rick Campbell and Canton Clerk of Courts Phil Giavasis [also current Stark Dems chair] who it appears to the SCPR is being groomed to replace Giavasis
The SCPR's take on Maier, Jr is that he is one the most miserly of all Stark County Democratic Party officials and Democratic Party elected officials with contributions to party candidates.

But doesn't that figure?

The chief prima donna of the party is not expected to help but rather to be supported by "the also-rans."

Go figure!!!

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