Sunday, April 26, 2015


It was a joyous occasion on April 15th when I and wife Mary traveled to Washington, D.C. to witness the promotion of daughter Kirstin from Lt. Colonel to Colonel in the United States Air Force Reserve.

  • a 1990 graduate of Lake High School,
  • a 1994 graduate of Kent State University (BS/Mass Journalism), and
  • a 1998 graduate of Old Dominion University with a Masters in Education,
on graduation from Kent State as member of Kent State ROTC unit went on active duty to Moody Air Force Base located in Valdosta, Georgia in July, 1994.

From Moody it was off into the "wild blue yonder" for this Stark County raised young woman.

As noted in the promotion program, Kirstin presently is Public Affairs Advisor to Director of Sexual Assault Prevention and Response sited in The Pentagon where she currently serves.  She will be at The Pentagon until mid-June when she will take up a USAFR assignment at Randolph AFB located in San Antonio, Texas.

Here is a program narrative which summarizes Kistin's USAF/USAFR career to date:

And here is a list of her awards, decorations, achievements, recognitions and progression through rank promotion to her promotion to Colonel on April 15th.

Mary and I were elated on walking into The Pentagon to witness our first born's promotion.

We were joined by her husband Mark who himself is slated for promotion to Colonel as an active service member of the United States Air Force as he takes up his next assignment as the chief scientist for the United States Air Force Academy of which he is a 1994 graduate.

Also with us were our grandchildren Paul, Meredith and John.

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