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Unlike any other Stark County media outlet, The Stark County Political Report allows subjects of blogs complete and unfettered space to respond.

On Monday, The Report named Dan "Jeff" Peters in his individual capacity of an elected councilman on the North Canton City Council (Council) and the collective representative of Council as its president as #3 on "The Bottom 10 List" of Stark County Political Subdivision Elected officials (LINK).

Today, to demonstrate The Report's commitment to making available readers differing views on topics of SCPR blogs, Peters' response in full is presented below.

Yours truly commends Peters for taking the time and effort respond.

From time-to-time, The Report does get reaction to a given blog.

The only requirement for space on the SCPR is for the responder to do either an "on camera" response or as President Peters did in this instance write out his reaction.

Yes, the SCPR does have an opinion of how Stark County government, public officials and public figures handle themselves.

And The Report goes to great length (more than most editorialists) to provide evidence supporting that opinion.

Fox News likes to trumpet itself as being "Fair and Balanced."

The SCPR does not think so.

With The Stark County Political Report the expression "fair and balanced" is not a rhetorical and/or marketing ploy.  For this blog is completely non-commercial and blogs like this one demonstrates in spades The Report's fairness.

In the blog, The Report did not name the "citizen" who yours truly thinks is the target of  Council in its consideration of whether not to tighten up it video taping rules of Council meetings.

The Reason?

The Report thinks that the mere mention of the citizen's name sends some Council members and the law director into a frenzy and they respond to nearly each and every action he has with North Canton government in a paranoic manner.

The Report believes that those members of Council and Director Fox have worked hard to condition the general North Canton public to do "a turn off" when the unnamed citizen's name becomes known.

Such is unbecoming of any government official at any level of government including, of course, Stark County's North Canton government.

The SCPR has done a number of blogs criticizing the citizen in his unskillful, seemingly "baiting" way he has interacted with Council over the last 15 years or so.

This citizen could if he would be much more respectful of Council and North Canton government officials and still be effective in his endeavor to hold North Canton government accountable to the North Canton public.

In being picky, picky, picky and, at times, personally pejorative, the citizen detracts from his unparalleled knowledge of North Canton government and his, at times, profound insight into processes and substance of North Canton government which need correcting.

As readers know, yours truly highly encourages citizen participation in "our" government and is loathe to criticize inartful interaction.  However, this citizen is no rookie and should know better.  And The Report thinks he has the raw skills to reign himself and thereby enhance his credibility.

The great lament is that the citizen may have become his own worst enemy in providing his detractors with material to smear him with.

And "smear" is exactly what The Report thinks some members of council and Director Fox are up to.

To repeat, what an outrage for any government official to attempt to do to an citizen who seeks to engage government.

Agree or disagree, but to derogate is absolutely "over-the-pale" and, as said before,  is irresponsible governance.

The overriding point of Monday's blog was to highlight Council's proposed unnecessary curtailment of democratic-republican values   In this case, a citizen and/or media holding Council accountable via video in showing Council-in-action..

Yours truly would have written the blog no matter whose democratic-republican liberty might be at stake.

However, President Peters focuses on the citizen's name and such is the basis for The Report having gone into in "an depth way" the reason why yesterday's blog did not use citizen's name.

Here is Peters' response in full:

... <>  Jan 26 at 9:41 AM


Martin, attached is a picture of Mr Osborne and the placement of his stationary tripod. As you can see, he has removed a chair in the center of the front row and placed his camera in its place and is standing behind it so he can scan the room to capture multiple officials speaking during council proceedings.

The proposed legislation we discussed last night in no way discourages taking video of council proceedings. As a matter of fact, I encourage anyone who wants to attend a council meeting, to please do so!  As you state clearly, you have been able to tape meetings that you attend unabated, and this is because you are careful not to infringe on others who wish to attend and witness the proceedings without distraction/obstruction.

As far as your assertion that I am "singling out" Mr Osborne, you are partially correct. The fact that it happened to be Mr Osborne that placed his tripod front and center and stood behind it, one can reasonably conclude that his actions demanded that we install policy/procedures so that moving forward we won't have this happen again. 

SCPR Note:  The Report inserts at this point of Peters' e-mail a copy of the photo and the photo accompanying text message he sent Osborne.

As a side note, I want to thank you for producing such an entertaining opinion blog. Although your opinions as it pertains to me are usually way off base, it does give me and my family something to talk about. I use you and your blog sometimes as a "teachable moment" for my daughters. I tell them that you can never make everyone happy and not everyone is going to like you, but to always strive to do what's right and never be afraid to make your voice heard. For that, we are eternally grateful! Keep on keeping on, Martin!!

Warmest regards,

Daniel J Peters
NC city council President

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