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Yesterday state Representative Stephen Slesnick seemingly came out of nowhere to land on a #6 placement of the SCPR "Bottom 10 List" (List) of Stark County Political Subdivision Elected Officials.

Today, James N. Walters and as being representative of the Jackson Township trustees, get a SCPR "negative" promotion from #10 on the List to today's #5.

More surprises are in store has the current periodic updating moves towards naming the absolute worst Stark County public official move forward.

One thing that yours truly will say to tantalize the curious is that Sheriff George T. Maier is not the #1 listing in this update.  In fact, because George hasn't done anything flagrant (as far as the SCPR knows) in terms of further politicizing the Stark County sheriff's department, Maier isn't on the List at all in this updating.

Stay tuned over the next week as #4, #3, #2 and #1 are revealed.

But today Walters and the Jackson trustees are front and center.

Recently, the SCPR did a blog recently (LINK) in which The Report revealed in a journalistic scoop of all other Stark County media that the Equal Opportunity Commission (EEOC) of the United States of America has found "probable cause" that the Jackson Township government has unlawfully discriminated against six of its female employees.

In media report after media report over the numerous years that the Jackson trustees have been under fire for Jackson government's questionable "fairness" reputation with its female employees,  Trustee James N. Walters seems to have been the spokesperson for the trustees on the issue on whether or not Jackson Township government (i.e. Jackson Township Police Department [JTPD]) has been violating Title VII of the United States Code.

Subsequent to last week's blog (LINK),  the SCPR has learned that there have been other claims brought against Jackson Township alleging harassment/hostile environment at the JTPD going back at least to 2007.

Take a look at this excerpt from a report filed for the benefit of Jackson Township officialdom.

Walters (a Republican) became a trustee on January 1, 2008.  Pizzino (a Democrat) in 2002 and Hawk (a Republican) was appointed in 2012 and elected in his own right in November, 2013 thus taking office on January 1, 2014.

So in the lead up to running for and getting elected trustee, Walters had to know that major work was in order in terms of riding the JTPD of harassment/hostile environment vis-a-vis the townships female workforce.

In light of media reported turmoil from within the bowels of Jackson's law enforcement agency which appears to be continuing to this very day, it is hard to see how he and his colleague trustees are getting a handle on straightening out the JTPD which appears to be the hotbed of alleged unfair treatment of the township's female employees.

However, local mainstream media does not always give significant Stark County news stories the play they deserve.

As far as the SCPR can determine,  nothing surfaces on a Google search on the Quinn Solutions report in terms of being reported in local media.

Here is an extract report from The Repository on a Jackson Township trustees meeting of February 28, 2012:

No mention of an EEOC complaint having been filed with the Ohio Civil Rights Commission.

Interesting, no?

An EEOC complaint was filed by Ms. Marketich against the Jackson trustees on February 13, 2012, to wit:

The EEOC complaint was on the heels of a Fraternal Order of Police, Ohio Labor Council filing of an Unfair Labor Practice in October, 2011 with the State Employees Relations Board as noted in the The Rep's report, to wit:

Apparently, the referenced settlement resulted in both the EEOC/Ohio Civil Rights Commission and SERB complainants being dropped.  Note that in the settlement agreement Jackson Township denies any violations of Ohio's prohibited gender discrimination laws.

The entire episode cost Jackson Township taxpayers about $14,000.

And who knows what else in terms of confidence on the part of the township's female employees in the fairness of this Stark County local government entity.

Accordingly, it is fitting and proper that Walters, in his individual capacity as a trustee and as the foremost personification of board conduct in handling the JTPD be elevated on the List of Stark County "Bottom 10" Stark County Political Subdivision Elected Officials from #10 to #5.

Could Trustee Walters and derivatively the board make it to #1, the absolute worst ranking?

Stay tuned readers.

There is little doubt in The Report's thinking that Walters and this board of trustees do not have  their collective ear to the ground when it comes to managing Jackson Township government.

Witness the fight that is going on between the trustees and area residents over a rezone approved by the trustees for condominium development at the southeast corner of Hills & Dales and Brunnerdale where developer Don DeVille wants to construct a combination of apartments and condominium units.

Hence, this:

 Again, is #1 status in the offing?

"With God [err Jackson Township government], all things are possible."

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