Friday, January 22, 2016


Not much on legislative substance, but the best by far compared to any other  Canton City Council councilman in style - in terms of his personal appearance, such is Councilman at Large Jimmy Babcock, so the SCPR thinks.

Babcock's lack of legislative heft does not seem to bother Canton's electorate as they keep electing him to office.

He was re-elected in November over a man of real substance that being "independent" Councilman Richard Hart.

The son of a former and now deceased mayor and long term councilwoman, Babcock in the opinion of the SCPR owes his electability to being their son; not for anything he does or produces as a city councilman.

Whereas Hart was an "independent" minded councilman, Babcock seems to The Report to depend on Canton treasurer Kim Perez for his "among the living" prop ups.

He worked for Perez when he (Perez) was Stark County auditor and bristles with indignation should anybody suggests that Stark County was the better off for Perez having been defeated in the November, 2012 general election.

Perez ran in the Democratic primary in May for mayor against incumbent Democratic mayor Willima J. Healy, II probably because the smallish in terms of numbers of employees Canton treasurer's office was not big enough for Perez's monumental political significance ego.

The only politician/officer holder that challenges Councilman Babcock for his Madison Avenue-esque attire in Stark County commissioner Janet Creighton.

While they may be competitive in whom between them is the absolutely best attired Stark County politician week-in, week-out in their public appearances, it is "no-contest" in favor of Creighton when it comes to comparative substantive contributions to the well-being Canton and Stark County.

Creighton (a Republican) for one thing deserves accolades:
  • for teaming up with her former commissioner colleague and then Democrat (now "independent") Thomas M. Bernabei (now mayor of Canton; she being a former mayor [2004 through 2007]) 
    • on their being elected Stark County commissioner in November, 2010 
for their collective bringing the county out of fiscal crisis after the county had a really, really bad time of it 2009 through 2011.

While she has not yet merited a place on the SCPR coveted "Top 10 List," she certainly has made significant contributions to the improvement of Stark County government both in substance and process.

Babcock:  What is his legislative claim to fame?

Nada!  Absolutely nothing!!

Except, perhaps, for being a wallflower that makes the aesthetics of Canton's city council chamber being more pleasing to the eye.

So why would the SCPR promote Babcock from being #6 on the Stark County "Bottom 10 List" of Political Subdivision Elected Officials?

Well, how about, there was a vacancy (Massillon mayor Kathy Catazaro-Perry having been promoted (meaning less close to being the absolutely worst Stark County official) to #8 from having been #7 and what better to do with an empty space but fill it with a wallflower?

Makes sense, no?

Congratulations Jimmy!

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