Sunday, March 23, 2008

DISCUSSION: A Bosley/Harmon feud?

Is there a Bosley/Harmon political feud? If so, will it cost Democrat Ferguson a commissioner's seat? Is Bosley seeking an ally to gain control of the Board of Commissioners?
Look at the quote from a post primary article in the Alliance Review (i.e Bosley would be just as happy to see Republican John Hagan as commissioner as Democrat Peter Ferguson. Does this look like Stark County commissioner Todd Bosley (Democrat) is not all that hep about Ferguson (also a Democrat, I repeat) becoming the successor to Republican Jane Vignos?

Commissioner Tom Harmon is a long time friend of Ferguson. He gave money to Ferguson's primary campaign. Harmon and Bosley have voted differently on several issues before the Board of Stark County Commissioners.

Perhaps Bosley sees Hagan as an ally in his desire to dominate the Board of Commissioners? I can remember a day when Bosley was telling me how disgusting he found Hagan to be.

Has political ambition overtaken Bosley? The man who was talking about running for Congress fresh on the heals of being elected commissioner.

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