Thursday, March 27, 2008

DISCUSSION: John Boccieri at Stark County Farm Bureau meeting.

Is John Boccieri a - the more government, the better: Democrat?

Apparently, Ohio Senator John Boccieri (candidate for the 16th congressional district) does not trust Stark Countians to able to figure out which products are produced in America. The Repository reports that Boccieri, appearing at the Stark County Farm Bureau recently:
"advocated requirements for country-of-origin labeling."

We all know what this means. More government bureaucracy. Is this proposal a indicator of Boccieri remedies to come for what ills America's economy?

Boccieri's appearance was in front of the STARK COUNTY FARM BUREAU. Maybe a better proposal would be to ask Stark County farmers (at their own initiative) to put sticky labels (like we see on much produce) indicating that the item was grown in Stark County?

Stark Countians then would be equipped when going to the grocery story to buy "Stark County" identified produce over non-labeled produce (presumably produced elsewhere) and contribute to conservation of energy (no long haul shipping costs) and because of increased demand create new jobs to be staffed by Stark Countians.

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