Wednesday, March 12, 2008

DISCUSSION: Who is best suited to succeed Regula?


A match made in Heaven? Hardly. John Boccieri, who comes from outside the district, and, Kirk Schuring are not the dream candidates each (especially Boccieri) likes to portray.

Witness that in the March 4th primary Boccieri had 38,372 negative votes (i.e. votes for Mary Cireilli) and Schuring had 36,217 negative votes (i.e. votes for Matt Miller and Paul Schiffer). In fact, in Schuring's case, he only got 32,503 votes. So more Republicans disliked Schuring than liked him.

Does this mean that Schuring has big problems come November? Keeping in mind that the 16th District is a gerrymandered district created by the Ohio Republican leadership to favor keeping a Republican in this office, does the "disaffected Republican vote" bode ill for Schuring to the point of overriding the "gerrymander" factor?

On the other hand, how much of a problem does John Boccieri have by virtue of the fact that he has not lived in the 16th District and therefore has to deal with the "carpetbagger" charge?

The 16th Congressional District will be a battleground district for control of the U.S. House of Representatives and we at the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT promises to provide district voters with key information and independent analysis so voters can make an informed choice as to who would be best serve the 16th District come November.

Whom of the two have an advantage going into November?

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