Sunday, November 30, 2008


It has been suggested to the STARK COUNTY POLITICAL REPORT (The Report) that Stark County Republicans are already at work planning a political comeback in two years.

Stark Countians should hope that there is reality to this political tip to The Report. It's about time.

Stark Republicans will hold no "non-judicial" offices in Stark County as of January 1, 2009.

The Report faults former chairman Curt Braden for the this state of affairs. But The Report has learned that there are leading Stark County Republicans who have no confidence whatsoever that Jeff Matthews will be any better.

Time will tell the truth on Matthews and his abilities.

Critics point out that he and Braden have about the same relationship as Gonzalez and Maier do on the Democratic side and therefore see little likelihood for improvement. These same critics point out as proof of their point that Stark Republicans failed to field candidates against county prosecutor John Ferrero, county treasurer Gary Zeigler and county engineer Mike Rehfus.

Local political talk is that local Republicans will target Democratic Stark County auditor Kim Perez in 2010. This is an office that was held for what seemed forever by Republicans until Perez wrestled it away in 2004.

Who are some likelies among Stark Republicans? How about former auditor and Canton Mayor Janet Creighton? With the Bush Administration vacating Washington, if Creighton comes back to Stark County rather than opting for a retirement in Florida, then she would be the best bet for Republicans because she is a proven vote-getter countywide.

Another name being bandied about is Perry Township trustee Anna Capaldi. It is impressive for a Republican to win in Democratic-Perry. Winning in Perry does suggest that she would run strong countywide.

Perez has not run against a strong Republican candidate. First time out he ran against Brant Luther who had been appointed to the office when Creighton was elected mayor of Canton.

Then he ran against underling/Republican holdover Patricia Fallot (holdover - to Perez's regret) for a full term in 2006. She was an experienced deputy auditor but not an experienced candidate running for public office and therefore was no match for Perez.

Question: Is it too early for the Republicans to begin thinking about 2010 countywide races?

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